Ya Nangoloh joins RDP presidential fray

17 October 2013 Author  

front rdp 18 octIn addition to the already unfolding drama at the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) this week, it has now emerged that the controversial human rights activist Phil Ya Nangoloh has entered the muddied waters of the RDP presidential campaign. Ya Nangoloh’s involvement first became apparent when he funded the placement of an advertorial for one of the RDP presidential candidates.

Some evidence has emerged suggesting that Ya Nangoloh footed bill for the article written by Nehova and published in local papers last week.

In the article, Nehova dismissed allegations that he had bribed the RDP youth to secure their support.

The Namrights director burst into laughter when asked whether he was involved in the RDP presidential campaigns in any way, and then refuted the allegation that he had given guidance or financial assistance.

“That is a big joke, Namrights does not even have money to give to the poor, so how can we give to political parties?” questioned.

According to Ya Nangoloh, these accusations do not come as a surprise because every time an opposition party or member appears to be gaining momentum people claim he is behind them.

“At independence when DTA was strong they said it was me, when CoD and RDP were formed they claimed I was behind them, and therefore this is nothing new,” Ya Nangoloh said.

However, shortly after distancing himself from RDP activities Ya Nangoloh admitted that Nehova is a personal friend, and that in his opinion people should support a person that has the support of the youth such as Nehova.

In his prediction of the outcome of the RDP elective convention, he ruled out any possibility of the incumbent president Hidipo Hamutenya winning, based on the mere fact that he had failed.

“If there were not so many problems in the RDP, we would not see so many people standing up to contest him for the presidency, and take charge of the party,” he said.

According to Ya Nangoloh Nehova’s chances look the best because of the support of the youth and he went on to compare his press conference, that had just under 200 people attending, to that of Nambinga which could not compare.

“Nambinga has the support of the elders in the party that much one can see from those in attendance at his announcement yesterday. I’m just disappointed that Peter Naholo as a young person did not secure the youth vote,” he said.

Ya Nangoloh admitted to having attended Nehova’s meeting, but justified his presence there because he had a responsibility to monitor the political situation in the country.

Hidipo betrayed

Political observers appear quite surprised to see that instead of RDP members coming together to consolidate their power before national elections, they are vigorously competing for positions.

What has come as the biggest surprise to most is that those often referred to as the ‘Hidipo boys’, asked him to step down but in the absence of the president’s resignation they have nominated one of their own to stand against him.

Some have described the recent turn of events as an embarrassment to the ‘HH legacy’, and have now become sceptical of the power Hamutneya still wields with his stalwarts gone.

Sources within the party have indicated that the National Executive Committee of the RDP would hold meeting at Hamutenya’s residence today, where his few loyal Hamutenya supporters will map the way forward.

Speaking to the Windhoek Observer on Wednesday afternoon at parliament Hamutenya stated that none of the other three candidates had his support, but he was however not surprised because he expected the competition.

“I am however reconsidering whether or not I will stand,” he concluded.

Nambinga announcement

The fact that Nambinga and Naholo announced their intention, to contest the party presidency on the same day left the impression of a competition between the two about who would announce first.

Nevertheless, Nambinga called the media along with a few supporters to his home in Hockland Park to end all the speculation as he put it.

Libolly Haufiku who sent out the invitation to the press conference via text message said that he had merely carried out an instruction to invite the media.

The incumbent SG Jesaya Nyamu described the emergence of all the presidential hopefuls as chaos, and said it clearly displayed of how party members were fighting for their bellies.

“This is all about resources. In my view this has nothing to do with any of them having convictions that they can actually make a difference, or turn things around,” Nyamu said. –This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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