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Schoolchildren brave the cold barefooted

01 July 2013 Author   Innocentia Gaoes

front Schoolchildren 01 julyMORE than 100 learners out of the approximately 218 pupils at Baumgartsbrunn Primary School, situated approximately 50km outside Windhoek, are braving the cold barefooted and without any warm clothing.

The school staff made an announcement on the Damara/Nama radio station appealing for assistance from anyone who could donate old school shoes or warm clothing to see the children through the winter.

Adolf Narib, the school principal said that it is a relatively big number of children who do not have shoes to cover their feet against the cold.

“It is not only school shoes per se, these children do not have proper shoes that they can wear to keep their feet warm,” Narib said.

“Parents have been exempted from paying the school development fund, and even when they had to pay, they did not pay but used their money on alcohol,” he said.

One of the teachers at the school Franzina Gowases said that although there are some extreme cases of poverty, some parents are just negligent and do not care for their children.

Gowases said the school had improved academically over the past three years as new management, principal as well as teachers came on board.

She noted that the Ministry of Education awarded the school the Education Reward Certificates by for improvements in English and Mathematics.

Transportation is allegedly one of the big challenges faced by the school. When learners go on holiday, they find it difficult to return on time when the semester starts, as the parents do not have money for transport to get their children back to school.

“There were instances where some children walked from Windhoek to Baumgartsbrunn, and it was heartbreaking to see this happen as they are young children that are striving to acquire an education,” Gowases said.

Anyone who wants to donate anything can contact the school at (061-234225) and speak to the principal or Gowases.