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Pohamba forgives

27 June 2013 Author  

front pohamba 28 june“We will give SPYL a second chance to apologise, but we remember that they have not only insulted but also sworn at us” These were the concluding remarks of President Hifikepunye Pohamba during the heated extraordinary central committee meeting that took place on Sunday morning in Swakopmund.

Pohamba was referring to a posting made by the SPYL spokesperson Job Amupanda on Facebook, where Amupanda described himself on his profile under occupation as the “Foetsek co-ordinator at Peenufu dheni.”

Which when translated into English means Job Amupanda is a “coordinator at your anuses”.

Senior party members have interpreted the underlying sarcasm in the statement, as in several before this one, as a direct insult to the Swapo party leadership.

Of all the evidence about the SPYL’s conduct presented at the CC meeting, this was by far the most shocking, especially to those leaders who do not frequent social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

According to sources that attended the meeting, Pohamba was infuriated as he deliberated with his party cadres. This alone demonstrates the magnitude of the insult the top leadership feel the SPYL has heaped on them.

“This sentence when read in Oshiwambo as Amupanda posted it is extremely insulting, and very graphic, this is the first time the party’s youth publicly insult the elders in this way,” the source fumed.

This epic demonstration of indiscipline definitely tops the chart of all the other insulting and defamatory statements made by the SPYL leadership over the past months.

These are some of the comments made on Amupanda’s page shortly after the post went up:

“That is a visionary leader according to some of his worshippers! Just read those words and see what they are actually trying to promote.”

“This is extreme madness who is he trying to piss off? Job must just leave the league enough is enough!!!”

“Malema got the most deserved break from ANC. So shall it be to Job Amupanda from Swapo Party. Yes, yes Cde Fillemon Shikomba, I am also thinking of taking such information to the media houses. The Ngurare’s kitchen boy must be assisted to enjoy his media popularity while it lasts.”

“Toys Ndjebela must seriously publish this. Our leaders must get this. Especially the Oshiwambo-speaking leaders.”

“If it’s true that Jobs father is a koevoet then it makes sense that he would hate whites coz of the forceful conscriptions, and why he is angry about the entitlement (coz of the forceful conscriptions), and his life purpose would be to surround himself with likeminded people so as to make things right. What we see happening is history repeating itself or do people repeat history?” some of those who follow Amupanda’s page posted.

It now appears that even those senior party members, who had sympathy for the SPYL, have also abandoned them, because they feel gravely disappointed and unwilling to defend the youth wing at this point.

These events counter the false notion that a faction exists of party leaders who still support the youth wing, or any that were willing to stage a walkout at CC if the party had expelled the youth leadership.

It is clear that those defiant members of the SPYL leadership depended solely on Pohamba’s mercy to save their political careers, and had it not been for his directive it appears unlikely the CC would have agreed to give them a second chance.

Sources in the party say that not even the founding President Sam Nujoma who has been, and remains a great supporter of the youth of Namibia, would have tolerated such behaviour.

The likelihood is that if he were still in power he would have taken far more severe action against the disrespectful SPYL leaders.

The Windhoek Observer also understands that President Pohamba highlighted the numerous occasions on which he spoke with youth Secretary Elijah Ngurare regarding the behaviour of the youth wing.

Pohamba is said to have remarked that Ngurare always appeared to be apologetic and promised to repent but clearly up until that point, just like his initial apology, his promises were also empty.

These most recent events seem to have isolated the youth leaders, following a report by a local weekly where retired army general Martin Shalli also distanced himself from the likes of Amupanda, Ngurare and his team.

Sources who spoke to this newspaper in Swakopmund over the weekend expressed similar views about the isolated position the youth wing finds itself in.

“I tried to save them at CC and when they were given the chance to redeem themselves with an apology they made a complete mess of it, now they are really on their own,” the source remarked.

The second apology became necessary following the unacceptable ‘apology’ issued last Thursday by Ngurare where he said that if they have offended anyone they apologised.

This empty apology led to Pohamba giving the directive that the party would not allow them to attend congress with other delegates. However, apart from the opening ceremony the defiant NEC attended congress.

At the closing of the CC, Secretary General Nangolo Mbumba told the media present that the Politburo would continue to pursue the matter, but that the party leadership does not expect to see this kind of writing again.

As all other CC members departed from party headquarters in Swakopmund, Nekundi and Ngurare stayed behind and immediately read the second apology to a few reporters present.

Unlike the usual SPYL manner of conducting press conferences, the two youth leaders appeared very humbled and even engaged in small talk with the media whilst waiting for the press conference to begin.

It was evident that for once the SPYL leadership was shaken and at some point over the weekend it appeared even Ngurare had come to terms with the fact that he might be expelled by the close of the weekend.

On Saturday, Ngurare and Nekundi did not attend congress, and Ngurare had the following to say on his Facebook status, “I’m being the guilty one. You can get rid of me and we will see whether it is Ngurare who is causing disunity in Swapo”.
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