‘Take their bribes…but vote for NDP’ - Lukato

01 November 2019 Author   Jeremiah Ndjoze

President of the National Democratic (NDP) Party, Martin Lukato Lukato, has urged Namibians to accept bribes from political parties that may ‘dangle a carrot’ in their faces, but to shame such parties by not voting for them at the polls later this month. 

Lukato made these unusual remarks at his party’s press conference which was held at Rundu, the capital of Kavango East, last week. A similar event was held in Windhoek two weeks ago. Ironically, the NDP leader told the same gathering that his party is gearing for a “full out war to root out corruption.”   
“My advice to you [is that], if they offer you any form of bribe, take it because that is your own resources (Namibian), which they have stolen from you and continue to steal through all forms of corruption,” Lukato facetiously said.   
The NDP President went on to urge the masses to ensure that their vote disappoints their respective bribers. 
Said Lukato, “Disappoint them by casting your respective votes in favour of the National Democratic Party (NDP) candidates, to ensure that these people – who are the real servants of the of people – become the lawmakers, as parliament has power in any democratic state.” 
The outspoken Lukato, whose rallies are seldom well-attended, spoke with vigour maintaining that if he is elected as president, his party will implement all promises which are stated in his party’s manifesto which includes free education from kindergarten to tertiary level.
Lukato highlighted that the development conundrum that is currently prevailing in Namibia is due to a lack of wide consultations by the powers that be, as they do not consult all registered political parties – irrespective of whether they are represented in parliament or not.  Other social ills that were listed by Lukato range from self-enrichment by the elites, tribalism, divide-and-rule tactics and corruption.  
The NDP head maintained that he is fully aware of the troubles facing both Kavango regions stemming from his wide-ranging trips within that region, during the consultation on the Demarcation and Boundary Developing Commission. 
“The NDP proposes that since the Kavango Region was too vast it should be divided into four (4) or three (3) regions in order to bring government services closer to the people,” Lukato said.  Other challenges that are currently facing the two political regions include crime and the land issue. 
The National Democratic Party (NDP) was formed in 1973 as the Ovamboland Independence Party (OIP) by Silas Ipumbu.  It took the name NDP to contest the apartheid regime’s elections to the so-called, ‘Ovambo Legislative Assembly’.  
The NDP contested in the 2014 national assembly elections and the 2015 local authority elections in the Zambezi Region, but failed to gain a seat in either body.


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