Fraud accused Kozonguizi allegedly strikes again

13 September 2019 Author  
A Windhoek man charged with having embezzled money from estates of the deceased which he was administering may soon face the music for a similar, yet unrelated case, if accusations leveled this week, hold up.
Mervin Kozonguizi, an estate administrator is currently out of prison on N$100,000 bail over a previous fraud case. He is currently wanted by the Namibian Police (NamPol) due to allegations that he might be an accomplice in a similar case. In this new fraud and theft case, Steynhard Kazavanga, an ex-chairperson of the Land Appeal Tribunal and Grootfontein councilor, was recently arrested and granted bail.
Kazavanga was arrested following the disappearance of monies amounting to about N$780,000.  These funds belonged to an estate that he was said to be administering.  NamPol spokesperson, Chief Inspector Edwin Kanguatjivi confirmed the existence of Kazavanga’s case, CR673/07/2019. He further confirmed that the police are hot on the trail of a second suspect in the matter.
Reliable sources revealed to this newspaper that Kozonguizi is the “second suspect” to which Kanguatjivi refers.
“Kazavanga withdrew N$11,000 from his account and the two men bought alcohol.  Later, Kazavanga dozed off and around this time the N$780,000 was transferred from the account.  He (Kazavanga) realised three days later when he was supposed to hand over the money, that the cash has been withdrawn.  A personal investigation revealed that the cash went missing around the same time that he was with Kozonguizi,” the source revealed.
This will not be the first time that Kozonguizi is implicated in the disappearance of inheritance monies. In January 2018 he was granted bail in the Windhoek Magistrate's Court in a similar matter.  The accused initially appeared in court on the 15th of January 2018 on one charge of fraud, involving an amount of N$797, 359. 
He appeared in court for a second time that month last year.  At that time, the charge was amended with the amount involved changed to N$7,097,359 while a second fraud charge was also added to the case.
The state alleges that during 2016 and January 2017, Kozonguizi defrauded the Master of the High Court.  He pretended that he was entitled to receive funds from the estate of the late Gustav Tjiuiju.  Kozonguizi, according to the charges, received N$7.09 million from the estate while not entitled to it.  It is further alleged that he also defrauded the Master of the High Court on the 5th of December 2015.  In this instance, he is said to have pretended that he was entitled N$2 million from the estate of the late Yolandi Dorothy Beukes.
Kozonguizi, operating under the name Kozonguizi & Associates, was administering deceased estates.  These estates have been registered at the Master's office.
Upon his arrest, the State initially objected to him being granted bail. However, this decision was overturned. Bail was granted on several conditions.  Kozonguizi has to report at the offices of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in Windhoek every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. He has to surrender his travel documents, and may not apply for new documents before his case has been finalised. He may not leave the Windhoek district without informing the investigating officer on his case.  He must not interfere with the continuing investigations.


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