Bethesda Medical Centre allegedly ill-treating staff


Workers at the Bethesda Medical Centre in Soweto Katutura alleged this week that they have not been paid their salaries since June last year.

Employees at the medical centre who spoke to the Windhoek Observer on condition of anonymity claimed that they were last paid their monthly salaries in June 2018. 
“Our employer Josephine Angula has become an expert in lying,” the workers who did not want to be named for fear of victimisation alleged.  “She is also very cruel. Anyone who asks her for a salary is threatened with dismissal.”
The workers further claimed that the last time they asked for their salaries they were told that a salary is a privilege and that they will be paid only when their employer felt like paying them. 
“Patients are being treated by hungry health workers which is very dangerous because a hungry worker is a danger to the patient,” the angry workers added. 
They also accused Angula of changing goal posts whenever they ask her for their outstanding salaries.
“Her stories are many,” the workers said. “She tells us that she is doing us a favour by paying for our medical aid yet our medical aid contribution is just a very small amount.
“One day she told us that she is waiting for her friends in Finland to give her money so that she will pay us, but all the services we are giving to patients are paid for. She is eating all the money paid by patients on her own, but she should know that hungry workers are a danger to patients.”
Angula refused to confirm or deny the allegations when the Windhoek Observer called her on Thursday.
She told this reporter to bring the in the workers who were complaining about not being paid before she could comment. 
“I will not release any information over the phone. Prepare a meeting and come with those workers who are saying they are not being paid so that we can sit on the table. I want to see them.”
When told that it would not be possible to bring the workers who had complained to the Windhoek Observer, Angula then said, she had no comment. 
“You must bring me those people who complained to you otherwise I don’t have a comment at all,” she said. 
An official from the Health Professions Council of Namibia who did not want to be identified said council cannot intervene in an employer/employee relationship. 
She said only the Labour Commissioner can resolve contractual disputes. 
“I don’t have the full facts with me, but from face value that is a labour issue that can be resolved by the Labour Commissioner,” the official said before asking this reporter to put his questions in writing. – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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