MTC to roll out national internship programme

08 February 2019 Author  
Namibia’s biggest mobile carrier, MTC, has announced that it will soon roll out a national internship programme together with partners in the corporate world and academia in an effort to alleviate the plight of thousands of students who struggle annually to find internship positions.
Tim Ekandjo, MTC Chief Human Capital & Corporate Affairs Officer, said the telecommunications giant has committed to get 160 students placed on internships/job attachments per year and 480 students over the next three years.
The company will pay each student an allowance of N$3,000 per month over a 3-month period to cover for transport and living expenses.
“Every year, institutions of higher learning struggle to find internships for over 46,000 students in different disciplines. In most cases, these students cannot graduate because the internships [form] part of their curriculum.
 “On the other hand, corporates are also complaining that institutions of higher learning produce graduates that have no form of experience, and it therefore takes more time and money to ready them to become productive in the workplace.
“We can either continue complaining or play our part in addressing this national problem. MTC wish to invite you to take part in the MTC Namibia National Internship Program. The program's sole objective is to assist institutions of higher learning to get more students placed, and by extension create the much-needed job opportunities now and in the future,” Ekandjo said in a letter inviting other corporates to come on board.
Since MTC cannot accommodate 160 students per year at its workplace, Ekandjo asked other corporates to take in some of the students that the company has committed to pay for, by providing them with 3 months' internships.
MTC will pay students their allowances on behalf of the participating companies for the duration of their internship programmes.
“In addition to accommodating students at your organization, your organization can also play a more active role by signing onto this programme and committing an amount that is financially within your reach so that we can increase the number of interns from the current committed 160 to a more sizeable number,” Ekandjo pleaded.
The national internship programme is set to be launched this month, at a date yet to be announced.
A committee consisting of representatives from institutions of higher learning in Namibia including UNAM, NUST, IUM, WVTC, NIMT and NTA which will oversee the implementation of the project’s objectives, has already been established.

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