Suspect killer AWOL for a month

01 February 2019 Author   Michael Uugwanga
An employee of the Global Fund who allegedly shot dead a female colleague and wounded another during a shooting incident inside a Windhoek city centre building on Monday has been as a regular absentee from work without informing his superiors, a colleague said on Thursday.
The 33-year-old Simataa Simasiku, who is currently in police custody, appeared in the Windhoek High Court on Wednesday on charges of murder and attempted murder in the shooting of Sarah Mwilima, 51, who died at the scene and Ester Nepolo, who is still recovering at the Roman Catholic Hospital.  
A source at Global Fund told the Windhoek Observer that Simasiku hardly came to work, including in December yet demanded a full salary for the month.
Simasiku, who previously worked at the programme management unit under the Global Fund Directorate along with the two victims, was the Fund’s Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at the time of the incident.
He handed himself over to the Wanaheda Police Station shortly after the incident.  The motive for the shooting is still unknown, while police investigations into the matter continue.
“He (Simasiku) did not work the whole December. He sometimes only worked between 08H00 and 10H00. What happened on that day (Monday) was that he did not know that we had moved to another building since our work place was first here at First National Bank (FNB) building before.
“He was not aware that we had change offices because he was not at work when we moved.  That day, he behaved normal and never appeared to be heading to shoot people when I saw him,” the source said.
 When the Windhoek Observer visited the office where the late Mwilima used to work, the workplace was still closed as the blood stains and damaged facilities had not yet been cleaned.
Janitorial workers have refused to clean the floor where the two victims were shot.
“Normally it is the family of the deceased that are supposed to clean the floor. We (cleaners) have decided not to clean until the family first clean.
“The workers workers on the 8th floor where the incident took place have not yet started because they are still waiting for the floor to be cleaned and on the other hand they cannot start work because the deceased is not yet buried.
“The family of the deceased came to collect the office keys of the deceased. We are still not sure whether the family of the deceased will come clean the floor,” one of the cleaners said.
Simasiku was denied bail by Public Prosecutor Sylvia Kauluma and remains behind bars.
Media reports suggest that the bloody rampage could have been triggered by the fact that the accused perpetrator’s contract with the Global Fund was due to end in March this year.


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