National Council legislators want VIP security

07 December 2018 Author   Eliaser Ndeyanale
National Council lawmakers want the Namibian Police to provide them with VIP security after a recent attack on two legislators in Windhoek.
Speaking to the Windhoek Observer this week, SWAPO legislator from Kavango West Region, Damian Nakambare, said he and fellow National Council member, Kahonzo Sikondo from Ncamagoro Constituency and an unidentified man from Botswana, were attacked by criminals at a guest house in Dorado Park while they were sleeping.
The two lawmakers shared the guest house with another legislator, Atsino Johannes, who was not present at the time of the attack.
Narrating his ordeal, Nakambare said they were attacked by 10 armed men who took his four cellphones, N$10,000, wedding ring, suits, and a pistol.
The value of the stolen items is estimated at N$60,000.
The robbers drove away with Nakambare’s Mercedes Benz which was later discovered by the Khomas regional police.
The legislator claimed that when the thugs entered the house they hit Sikondo with a brick on his head and hit the three of them with sticks.
 Sikondo, who was bleeding profusely, was rushed to the hospital after the incident.
“The incident happened on 11 May 2018, but police failed to arrest the criminals even though most of the streets in Dorado Park have CCTV cameras. All they told me is that they found my car, but they did not tell me where they found it.
“Until today, they did not tell us what came from their investigations. The other day, I was with the Windhoek police station commander and I asked him about the matter, but he is not saying anything,” Nakambare said.
Contributing to the Criminal Procedure Act Repeal Bill which was referred to the National Council towards the end of last month from the National Assembly, Nakambare said MPs are not safe even when they walk in town because, “Ovambo and Damara boys” are targeting them.
He gave an example of Standard bank area along Independence Avenue, Wernhil Park and Otjomuise robots (the intersection of Otjomuise Road and Moses //Garoeb Street) as some of the criminal hot spots in Windhoek.
“We are not safe in this country. When you are seen driving a nice car it’s a problem, when you are seen wearing nice things you are robbed and these people are speaking the same language. Some of us do not feel safe where we are.   
“I lost a lot of things. When we are coming here (Windhoek) there is no accommodation and no protection.”
Warrant officer, Joseph Ndokosho, who is investigating the case, said this week that the police are still to make any arrests related to the robbery.
He said they found Nakambare’s car parked on a hill at Mukwanangombe location in Windhoek.
“We also managed to recover the Honourable members’ phones and N$1,000 dollars. We are still busy with the investigations,” he said.
Nampol Inspector General, Sebastian Ndeitunga, did not respond to questions by the time of going to print.
Safety and Security Minister, Charles Namholo, said police cannot provide protection to every VIP because the police force is currently understaffed since it has not been able to recruit for the past three years.


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