Ndeitunga pushed for Kanime suspension

16 November 2018 Author   Eliaser Ndeyanale

Nampol Inspector General, Sebastian Ndeitunga has allegedly been fingered as having engineered the suspension of Windhoek City Police head Abraham Kanime.

Impeccable sources closer to the two top cops told the Windhoek Observer that Ndeitunga wanted Kanime removed from the City Police because he did not want to cooperate with Nampol.
At a meeting held at Nampol national headquarters on  the 8th of February this year to discuss “critical status of management and operations of the City Police department under the leadership of Chief Abraham Kanime” , requested by City of Windhoek Mayor Muesee Kazapua, Ndeitunga allegedly asked Kanime about the role of the City Police, why it has a crime intelligence department and why Kanime had taken the City of Windhoek to court.
The meeting was attended by City of Windhoek deputy mayor Teckla Uwanga, Chief Executive Officer, Robert Kahimise, Nampol’s head of internal investigation commissioner, Christoph Nakanyala, Captain Mathew Nanyemba from the ministry of safety and security and Commissioner Ismael Kamati who heads the security department of the Namibia Correctional Service. 
Ndeitunga who was allegedly breathing fire during the meeting , is alleged to have told Kanime that he should step down from his post  if he did not want to cooperate with Nampol. 
The Windhoek Observer is also informed that on the 24th of January 2012 , Ndeitunga summoned Kanime and senior city police officials to a meeting at his office.
During the meeting Ndeitunga allegedly told Kanime that if he (Ndeitunga) had power, he would transfer him out of Windhoek because he is not working together with Nampol.
“He said Kanime was trying to take-over Nampol’s work especially investigation of crime and crime intelligence collection. He also accused Kanime of outing him on surveillance. There was a time he said City Police officers were following him in Katutura then he allegedly confronted Kanime about it,” the source said.
Kanime confirmed the meeting with Ndeitunga but he refused to go into details saying “General (Ndeitunga) will not be happy to see me policing.”
The two are said to have met at Wernhil Park to discuss the surveillance allegations, an allegation which Kanime denied.
“When Shilunga (Desiderius) was Khomas regional commander, Nampol and City Police used to do joint operation, joint patrols but when Silvanus Nghishidibwa came in, they want Nampol to do all these alone,” a source said.
Quizzed about the matter, Ndeitunga said he does not comment on rumours.
“If there are those who are trying to tarnish my name and reputation ,they must meet me in corridors of our courts unless they provide me with the required evidence,” he said. 
Kanime who is still on suspension is facing three charges including paying N$80 000 to lawyer Sisa Namandje without Kahimise’s authorization. 
Kanime last year dragged the City of Windhoek to Court accusing City of Windhoek council of deterring him from performing his duties. 
He also claimed in the affidavit filed in the High Court at the time that he was being ‘ignored’ and ‘threatened’.
“Without authority and authorization to do so, (you) appointed and or made use the service of Sisa Namandje & Co and as a result of which Sisa Namandje & Co received a payment in total amount of N$80 575.00 from funds in possession of, or under the control of the council or for which the council is responsible, resulting in loss of that amount,” read part of a PwC audit report.
Kanime is also charged for having appointed lawyer Henry Shimutwikeni to represent members of the City Police at the High Court in another case where City Police paid a total amount of N$74 340 without the authorization of Kahimise.
He is further charged for appointing 20 city police staffs on acting positions without the CEO approval.
He appeared before disciplinary hearing on 16 October for the first time. According to sources privy to the matter, Kahimise will appear again before disciplinary hearing early next year.


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