New diplomats tour Govt projects

09 November 2018 Author  

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah’s, close allies are headed for influential diplomatic missions abroad observers pointed out this week.

They include Monica Nashindi, who is said to be headed to the United States and George Mbanga Liswaniso, the Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation, who is said to be going to Sweden. 
Others said to be close to Nandi-Ndaitwah such as Kaire Mbuende in Belgium and Elia Kayaimo in China have maintained their positions. 
New comers include Oshana Governor, Clemence Kashupulwa, who is said to be going to Nigeria, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development, Gabriel Sinimbo, who is said to be going to India and Permanent Secretary at State House, Samuel /Gôagoseb (Cuba).
Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, Patrick Nandago makes a comeback to diplomatic service as he heads to Angola, while former Presidential Press Secretary, Albertus Aochamub and former National Council Chairperson, Asser Kapere  are headed for France and Botswana, respectively.
Other anticipated appointments are likely to include career diplomats Linda Scott to the UK and Mowen Luseno as Ambassador to Austria.  Secretary to the National Council, Emillia Mkusa, is said to be going to Addis Ababa, Humphrey Geiseb (Russia) while Tjijamba Kanake, Josef Keveto, Simeon Ulenga, Josef Keveto and Shoyave Haindongo have also been mentioned as possible diplomats. 
Aochamub and Sinimbo told the Windhoek Observer on Thursday that they were unaware of the appointments despite pictures of them visiting AMTA this week where they had gone on a familiarisation tour of government projects. 
In the past, outgoing diplomats have been required to take learning visits to different businesses and agencies from various sectors in order to be better informed as they assume their economic diplomacy duties abroad. 
Political analyst Charles Mubita, who previously worked for SADC, maintained that a diplomat must know what Namibia’s interests are and also help promote the country at their posting.
He said diplomats must understand international agreements that affect Namibia when they are signed in the countries where they are posted. 
Mubita, who has a PHD in International relations, lamented that Namibia has few career diplomats to head diplomatic missions.
“We don’t have many career diplomats.  Most who go out on missions in the top posts, are political appointments,” he said.
Mubita said a head of mission who does not understand issues will be a disadvantage to Namibia because they will not participate in international discussions. 
“They need to understand issues, sometimes they attend meetings alone, and they can’t be spoon feed all the time by embassy staff.”
In April, the Windhoek Observer first reported that 15 Ambassadors and High Commissioners appointed by former President Hifikepunye Pohamba had their tours of duty coming to an end this year.
In September 2013, Pohamba appointed Peingeondjabi Shipoh as High Commissioner to Nigeria, Steve Katjiuanjo as High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Wilbard Hellao as Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Balbina Daes Pienaar as Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Pius Dunaiski as High Commsioner to India, Sophia Nangombe as Ambassador to Japan, Dr Jerobeam Shaanika as Ambassador to the Republic of Cuba.
Morina Muuondjo was appointed Ambassador to Sweden, Sabine Bohlke-Moller as Ambassador to the United Nations Office in Geneva and other International Organisations in Switzerland and Simon Maruta as Ambassador to Austria.
In 2014, Pohamba further appointed Vilio Hifindaka as Ambassador to Congo Brazzaville, Bonny Haufiku as Ambassador to Finland, Mbapeua Muvangua as High Commissioner to Botswana, Charles Josob as High Commissioner to Ghana and Trudie Amulungu as Ambassador to Senegal.


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