Uutoni’s daughter divides public opinion

02 November 2018 Author  

Sports, Youth and National Service Minister, Erastus Uutoni’s daughter, Auguste, this week divided public opinion after she posted racy pictures of herself on top of her father’s State-issued ministerial car on her Instagram account.

She has since deleted the pictures. 
Some commentators on social media described the act as an abuse of State resources while others said Auguste had disrespected taxpayers whose money was used to purchase the vehicle. 
“The car is the property of the Namibian tax payers, therefore no government official or his family members are allowed to abuse the property of the state,” said Fallon Pearlèta Mugandani.
Other commentators, however, felt that the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) student had not done anything wrong because she is also a taxpayer. 
“What is wrong with taking pictures with a government car? Let's enjoy our tax money by taking pictures with government cars. If I am a taxpayer and I cannot afford to buy a car then let me use a government car to take my beautiful selfie. She looks very hot and beautiful. Jealousy down,” Ndilimani Festus said.
Cabinet Rules on Official Vehicles states that there is no restriction on the use of official vehicles, but it must be done with discretion so that no embarrassment is caused to government.
Ministry of Works and Transport Permanent Secretary, Willem Goeiemann, refused comment before referring the Windhoek Observer to his counterpart in the Ministry of Sports, Youth and National Service, Emma Kantema-Gaomas, who was not available for comment.
Her secretary said she was attending a graduation ceremony at Berg Aukas.
Political commentator, Henning Melber, said it is wrong to judge the upbringing of Uutoni’s daughter based on the pictures. 
“Unfortunately, even the best parenting has no guarantees that the offspring behaves accordingly. I cannot judge the upbringing of Erastus Uutoni’s daughter and would not want to hold the parents accountable for such immature exposure.
“Her inappropriate choice of object (the father’s ministerial car) in combination with her indecency just underlines her infancy. 
“I hope that she is anything, but representative of Namibia’s younger generation and that she finally will grow up to make some meaningful contributions to society,” Melber said.


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