Ya Toivo estate worth N$43m

05 October 2018 Author   Eliaser Ndeyanale
The late national hero Herman Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, who died last year in June aged 92, was worth  N$43,5 million, a leaked copy of the liberation struggle stalwart’s will with FNB Trust Services has revealed. 
Ya Toivo, who spent 16 years in a South African jail convicted of fighting for Namibian freedom, owned vast tracts of land in Ondangwa worth N$27,2 million, among other immovable and non-movable assets.
His estate was shared among his wife, Vicki Erenstein Ya Toivo, twin daughters Nashikoto and Mutataleni, as well as an older son, his siblings and nephews.
Ya Toivo, who was married out of community of property to lawyer Erenstein Ya Toivo, bequeathed his nephews Ndali Kamati, Nelson Kamati, Kali Unger Kamati, Jason Kambonde, Pandu Kambonde, Ndambe Petrus and Andimba Negonga N$25,000 each.
He also gave his two siblings Nestor Ya Toivo and Ester Shikongo N$6,000 each.
Ya Toivo also distributed an unspecified number of cattle, which has a value of N$196,500, in equal shares to his four nephews Mathew Uugwanga, Nangolo Angombe, Isak Mekondjo Nahum and Philemon Kandiwapa Nahum.
The four nephews also received N$49,125.00 each.
He also stipulated that his son Raimo Ya Toivo, nephews Mathew Uugwanga and Nangolo Angombe, Isak Mekondjo Nahum and Philemon Kandiwapa Nahum be heirs of his undisclosed number of goats valued at N$46,250.
The late Ya Toivo also stated in his will that 50 percent of erf 2588 in Windhoek’s Klein Windhoek as well as erf 833 will go to his wife and children.
His wife and daughters also received N$82,696 each.
The trio is also the heir of his Mercedes Benz ML350 valued at N$280,000, furniture worth N$50,000, two wheeler trailers valued at N$8,000 and a double axel trailer valued at N$2,000.
He also bequeathed an unspecified number of sheep to his wife and children valued at N$4,000.
Ya Toivo, who ran several businesses in the North prior to his Robben Island imprisonment and served in various ministerial positions for 15 years, had 752 shares in Old Mutual and 2118 shares in Sanlam which he sold before his death.
He also had shares in Imzir Investment CC.
The famed politician allocated the residue of his estates in equal shares to his wife and daughters.
The information contained in the Ya Toivo will comes amid general concerns amongst the public that politically connected individuals have managed to amass fortunes based on political patronage at the expense of the ordinary Namibians, though there is no direct evidence that this applies to the Ya Toivo estate.
Politicians have emerged the biggest beneficiaries of various government initiatives aimed at economically empowering ordinary Namibians such as the government land resettlement program, tenders, fishing quotas and mining rights.
According to the Patriot, the asset declaration register made public in the National Assembly shows that at least 20 percent of parliamentarians own shares in fishing companies, which the bulk acquired when they were in a position of influence.
Some of the serving lawmakers were ministers, deputy ministers, regional governors and town mayors when the rights were issued almost a decade ago.
Despite being a person of means and having received a sizeable chunk of the estate of her late husband, in March, Erenstein Ya Toivo was controversially allocated a farm under the country’s resettlement program, a development which drew wide criticism as thousands of ordinary Namibians, who had applied to benefit from the tax payer funded program, have been left on waiting lists or have had applications turned down.
According to the Namibian, the couple was already a beneficiary of Farm Otjimue, 60km from Omaruru, where they accommodate their livestock.
According to the documents, at the time of his death, Ya Toivo had liabilities of N$3 million.


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