Nambinga moves to repossess RDP cars

17 August 2018 Author   Eliaser Ndeyanale
Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) Secretary General, Mike Kavekotora, has vowed to fight tooth and nail to keep two vehicles that were donated to the party by former President, Jeremiah Nambinga.
Nambinga, who resigned from the former official opposition party last week frustrated with what he said, was failure by the party to fulfill its original mandate, donated two bakkies to RDP in 2015.
However, sources within the party told the Windhoek Observer this week that he now wants the donated vehicles to be returned to him.
Kavekotora confirmed to the Windhoek Observer that he had also heard that the former president wants to repossess the vehicles he voluntarily donated three years ago, but insisted that the party won’t be giving them back.
“We will not comply with his demand. This donation was done in good faith so he cannot come and impound the vehicles. This was a legal transaction and we will have to challenge it,” Kavekotora said, adding that the vehicles are now party property.
An agitated Nambinga refused to confirm whether he had moved to reclaim the cars that he donated to the party that he led from the beginning of July 2015 following the controversial and contested end to the term of founding RDP President, the late Hidipo Hamutenya.
“Even if it’s true, what do you want to do with it? Where do you come in? It has nothing to do with you. Are you a member of RDP?”
Good riddance
Meanwhile, Kavekotora said he is confident that the party will pull bigger numbers in next year’s elections than in 2014 following Nambinga’s resignation. 
“Our members are solid like rocks. Some of them when they heard about this development (Nambinga’ s resignation) said they are willing to double their efforts and work tirelessly for the party…the spirit is very high, the fight is over and we are planning to start with the campaign now,” he said.
Kavekotora accused Nambinga of deliberately sabotaging party progress by inciting people not to attend party events.
“There have been public complaints that RDP was not visible. This is because the former president had been giving conflicting information to various regions. In fact, there had been two centers of power because the president had been telling people to boycott party programs and events.
“He felt that because I did not support his candidature for party president at the extra-ordinary convention in 2015, he was not willing to work with me, and he wanted to make RDP unmanageable,” Kavekotora said, adding that the resignation by Nambinga and seven other leaders was long overdue.
“For far too long, Mr Nambinga and those who have been closer to him as advisors have stalled and undermined the progress of RDP at the time when the ruling party is completely messing up the management of our economy and future of young generations.
“With the resignations, the RDP will waste no time because much of our precious time has already been wasted through unwarranted internal squabbles.
“Currently, the RDP is engaged in the exercise of rolling out a restructuring program in preparation for our upcoming third National Convention scheduled for December 2018.”
Nambinga laughed off allegations that he had been sabotaging the party.
“If there has been anyone sabotaging the party then it should be Kavekotora himself.”


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