Hertz denies underpaying workers

06 July 2018 Author   Eliaser Ndeyanale
Hertz Rent A Car Namibia has denied allegations by its employees that it is underpaying them for work done during public holidays.
Last week, the Windhoek Observer reported that Hertz employees based at the Hosea Kutako International Airport alleged that the vehicle rental giant has been systematically underpaying them since last year in violation of contracts that they had signed.
The employees, who did not want their names to be published, claimed that they have not been paid double the hourly basic wage for each hour worked on public holidays like Workers’ Day, Cassinga Day, Ascension Day and Africa Day as stipulated in their contracts.
Although Hertz Chief Legal and Human Resource Officer, Nadia Maritz, admitted that there was an error in the employees’ pay slips sent on June 19, she said the problem was rectified before payments were effected.
“Revised pay slips were provided to all affected employees. Please take note that the incentive structure is not a guarantee and the employees’ basic wage was not affected by this error,” Maritz said in her emailed responses that were received last week when the Windhoek Observer had already gone to print.
“In terms of section 22 (5), if a public holiday falls on a day which the employee would ordinarily work, the employer must pay an employee who works on the public holiday, the employee’s normal daily remuneration in addition to that employees hourly basic wage for each hour worked.
“For example, if the public holiday falls on a weekday, the employee is paid normal remuneration in addition to their hourly basic wage for each hour worked.
“In terms of section 22 (7), if the employee works on a public holiday that falls on a day other than the employee’s ordinary working day, the employee is only paid double basic wage for each hour worked.”
She also denied allegations that the company owes its employees money and that it prevents staff from taking break as claimed by the workers in the Windhoek Observer last week.
“We don’t prevent staff from taking meal intervals. In fact, during the month of May, our country manager advised all staff that they are encouraged to take their meal intervals at their own discretion and are in no way prevented from taking such intervals.
“More importantly, the Office of the Labour Commissioner has since launched an investigation into the allegations,” she added.


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