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The Windhoek Observer sent its intern reporters to Maerua Mall in Windhoek to record random views about what March 21 means to member of the public and what they will be doing on that day.
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Getting physical can ramp up the pleasure for you and your partner.  Any activity that gets your heart beating faster and you breathing harder, from brisk walking to cycling, can boost blood flow -- including to your nether regions. That’s a plus for both genders: stronger erections for men, and greater arousal for women according to a University of Texas study.
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Instead of complaining that your kids play computer games too much, get a controller and get busy with their game or find a completely new gaming software or website of your own.  Gaming can lift your spirits, stimulate/exercise your mind and divert excess energy.
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Allow me to clearly state for the record that I am a super hero, comic book fan from way back.  I am down with flying people, infinity stones, sexy Thor, super sexy Aquaman, super villains, monsters that talk, cats that have squid legs coming from their mouths, kryptonite,  mutants and all that jazz.
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