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I love to write and edit.  Creating opinion pieces can be easy, and yet, it is the most challenging. I am a writer, not a reporter and I am glad about that!  There is a huge difference between writing what you think and writing what you know.
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I regularly read articles about healthy eating via drinking various juice concoctions. I have tried some and have had mixed results. My latest ‘discovery’ is a blending of cucumbers, parsley, pineapples and celery that is supposed to cleanse me, make me less hungry (no snacking!), give me all kinds of vitamins that are good for me and shrink my belly. If there is something that will shrink my belly, I’d be happy to try it so that I can say hello to my toes again. When I look down these days, I see nothing but a smooth brown balloon with a navel.
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The IMF, World Bank, African Development Bank, and Fitch ratings can tell the world that Namibia is wading through serious economic goat droppings. 

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Local singer and songwriter Ruusa Ndapewa Munalye a.k.a. Blossom and now Blossom Queen, is a talented young woman whose passion for original African sounds are upfront and enjoyable on her latest CD, Uvandje. 

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