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Women in entertainment embrace unity

ent women 30 aprilNigerian businesswoman Suzan Nwanbueze Opute-Somosu last week extended an olive branch to all women in the local entertainment industry and urged them to unite as one in their various business pursuits.

NAGN raises funds for Figueira

Just last year, renowned local photographer Tony Figueira and fellow photographer John Liebenberg exhibited a collection of photographs of days gone by that had those in attendance weeping.

Furious 7 an enjoyable cliché

High-speed car chases, almost inhumane acrobatic fight scenes and an epic love story, yep, it could only be the Fast and the Furious 7.

A helping hand on your way to weight loss

The hardest part about deciding to change your lifestyle is not just making the decision, but implementing it. People addicted to intoxicating substances can attest to the difficulties of quitting, which is why they often sign up for support groups to help them through their transition.

Embracing change

Most women will not admit to this, but a large number of us have at one point been in, or still are in a toxic relationship. It’s not that you love the toxicity of the situation you are in, but rather that you hold on too tightly to the remnants of what the relationship used to be, and the idea of starting over is too frightening.

Tungeni Africa strengthens MET bond

Tungeni Africa’s Managing Director Iyaloo ya Nangolo this week donated a rescue boat to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET). Ya Nangolo handed over the boat to Minister Pohamba Shifeta on Thursday afternoon, and used the opportunity to unveil the company’s new cruise boat.

BIC brings a cappella back

ent brothers 24 aprilWhoever said a cappella groups are a dying breed must have been high from huffing on T-Pains’ auto tune fumes. If there was a lesson one could learn from Pitch Perfect, it was that a cappella is a cutthroat genre where only those who posses true talent and perseverance make it.

Not your run-of-the-mill gangster movie

Somewhere in the township of Alexandra in South Africa, a distraught mother runs to the aid of her wounded son who lies on the ground bleeding to death.

Picture a mildly obese man breathing heavily as he struggles to make his way through a crowded Wernhil park. He sighs with relief at the sight of the escalators because they will give him a few seconds to rest his weary feet before he continues to the parking lot.

The DefeatHate Experience captivating

Steve McCurrys’ Afgan Girl, Jodi Biebers’ Bibi Aisha and the late Kevin Carters’ picture of a starving Sudanese child stalked by a vulture are among some of the most recognisable, award winning pictures around the world.

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