Rinelda’s Diary: Music festivals are dope

01 June 2018
Have you ever heard of an upcoming music festival and screamed: “Yeah, this means it is time for fun;  I will surely be there”?
I love attending festivals. It is the perfect time for me to have fun, relax and spend a day with others.   
Earlier this week, I attended the media launch of the Kasi Vibe Festival. The festival is taking place this weekend. As the news was announced it was not just me who was excited, but also all my media colleagues. It is clear that music festivals are genuinely loved.
Festivals are full of music and that is what attracts me. With music’s ability to reach the hearts of so many people, getting us to groove and sway, there is no doubt that such sounds have the ability to draw crowds in search of fun.
That said, the artists performing must deliver good performances.  If the artists do not put on a great show, then the festival’s reputation will be destroyed.  The next year when this festival is announced, there will be many people who remember the bad music of the year before and may choose not to attend again.
Artists must always deliver great performances. They must make the crowd dance and scream.  If a member in the crowd feels like undressing simply just because a certain performance was dope, then let them be. This means that they are having a great time. 
I find festivals amazing because it normally gives me the platform to let people know who I am. Do you want people to know your name? Go to a festival (event) and be recognized.  Attending these fetes gives you exposure to people you would not normally meet.
Another great part of festivals is the people who are there.  The very atmosphere of the place can be electric.  At shows, you meet people from all different walks of life. People are not afraid to talk with strangers who are together in the same crowd, rockin’ to the music.
Some festivals have fun areas that are specifically designed to bring out your inner child. Buy yourself a bubble gun, flashing colourful bunny ears, or hula hoop and live a little!  Life is too short to be so serious all of the time.
Now to talk about the food at these festivals, expos, shows and events. Ok…It is always overpriced, but in most cases I have always enjoyed it anyway.  I love the braai meat or French fries. For me there is just something different about festival food; strangely, I guess everything just tastes better at festivals.
I also love the camping atmosphere at festivals where you get to sit on the grass, on a blanket or a champing chair. Not all festivals offer this, but I like those that do because it gives me the chance to get a lazy home feeling even though I am on a grassy lawn watching a live show.  I enjoy being on the ground with friends and playing all sorts of silly games.
As a sobering note, crime is up in Windhoek.  Go to the festivals with a fun-seeking attitude, but don’t leave your common sense at home.  Don’t get drunk, leave all valuables at home, if you have a super cheap old cell phone, carry that one instead of your expensive smart phone. 
Use a fanny pack, boob wallet or zip pouch underneath your clothes for your money; get small bills – don’t expose wads of hundreds just to buy popcorn.  Lock your car and leave nothing exposed inside the vehicle, move in groups and don’t linger in dark places.  Bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer and stuff some toilet paper in a pocket just in case.
Festivals are great, so go smartly and have plenty of fun!


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