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New Year brings new hope

15 December 2017
Author   Rinelda Mouton
As the festive season is upon us, we asked a few local artists how they plan to spend their Christmas, New Year’s Eve and what their plans for the New Year are.
Award-winning Kwaito artist Mushe, real name Albert Uulenga, who has not released an album in over three years, said he plans to make a musical comeback next year.
“I will release my new album early next year. At this moment, I am not so sure about the date yet, but I will surely return to music next year,” he said confidently.
Mushe said he spent most of his time this year out of the country, visiting South Africa and Angola.
Recently, the musician-cum-businessman celebrated the completion of a block flats which he built in Ondangwa. He is also constructing a guest house that is scheduled to open its doors to the public next year in the north.
The artist said he went into business because he needs a back-up plan in case his music fails. “In the local music industry, I have learnt that an artist cannot only depend on the income they make from music. Some months will go well while others would pass by without any shows. It can be a struggle,” he said.
Mushe will spend Christmas Day with his family and he will be performing on New Year’s Eve. “I want to spend Christmas with my family because it is the time of the year when loved ones come together. I also want to be with my family because I will be neglecting them more next year due to my music career. I decided to perform on New Year’s Eve because that is what my 2018 will be all about. I will only have music on my mind,” the artist said.
The Dogg, who was in the studio this year working on his highly anticipated new album Concrete Jungle which was released on 2 December, also opened a night club, Vogue, in Ondangwa in August.

The Dogg said he will spend Christmas with his family at home and thereafter launch Concrete Jungle at Monaco Lounge in Windhoek on 1 January.
Next year, The Dogg, who has already said he wants to retire from singing after releasing Concrete Jungle, plans to expand the Vogue brand to the capital. He said during the new year he will also promote his new album and shoot music videos.
Tate Buti said the highlight of this year was when he worked on his new hit album Opena which was released towards the end of November. Tate Buti usually releases a new album towards the end of each year.
The artist feels the end of the year is the best time to release an album, as most people tend to listen to music during holiday time.
“This is the time of the year when music lovers spend more time with friends and family having fun, hosting events and listening to music. If they want music then we as artists must be able to deliver and make them happy,” he said.
On plans for 2018, Tate Buti said he will do music just like he does every year.
He plans to spend his Christmas with family.
The 2016 Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) Female Artist of the Year, Chikune, spent the greater part of this year in the studio working on her new album Her, which was released on 30 November. She was also busy with her studies.
Chikune is a medical student at the University of Namibia School of Medicine in Windhoek. Next year, she plans to finish her studies and also promote her new album.
The You’re my pumpkin hit-maker will be spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve with her family. “I believe in family time. My family has offered great support to me. They are my support system and are always there for me whenever I need them. They are the pillar to my success,” Chikune said.
Namibia’s well-known musical export, Elemotho, said he had his biggest tour across the world this year. Besides touring, he also released a new album entitled Beautiful world.
“The tour was a lot of work. I had a lot of sleepless nights, but it was an honour for me to be able to share my music across the world,” he said.
In 2018, Elemotho plans to perform more outside the country again. He said he would love to perform in South Africa and Zimbabwe in the New Year.
Elemotho said he will be spending the whole festive season with his family. “With my music, I travel a lot and often miss out on spending time with my family. Family is very important for me. I believe in family bonding. I always make time for my family,” he said.
Kizomba artist Blossom spent most of 2017 in the studio recording new music. She also visited China, where she said she gained new fans.
“In China, I built a lot of new fans. I will continue to take my music to China. I have already gained a name here in Namibia. I believe that it is now time for me to go outside the country. In the new year, I want to take my music outside Namibia,” she said.
Blossom plans to spend her Christmas with her mother and will travel outside Namibia on New Year’s Eve. The Indikupapatele hit-maker said in 2017 she learnt to stand by what she believes in. “Sometimes people might not agree with you, but this does not mean that you are wrong. I have learnt to always believe in myself regardless of what other people may think or have to say,” Blossom said.      
Singer, actress and poet, Lize Ehlers, said she is proud of herself for teaming up with deejay and producer, DJ Alu, on the new song Kudos. She said working on the youthful song made her feel a lot younger.
“It is an Afro-electronic single with the message to tell Namibians to never ever give up on their dreams,” she said.
Ehlers said during 2017 she was pleased to discover new talents at Song Night. In 2018, she plans to inspire instrumental players.
“Music is not only about being a vocalist. It is also about the beat and I want to inspire this also. It is time to take Namibian music to another level,” Ehlers said.
Ehlers will spend her Christmas Day with her family. “I will spend Christmas Day at home. I will be baking cakes with my children. My husband and I will also be reading books,” she said.
Ehlers celebrates her birthday on 1 January. The couple will be spending the day land-sailing at Koës Pan.
Also in 2018, the talented singer plans to release her new album entitled Five. “My biggest wish for the festive season is that drivers don’t drink and drive. We have already lost enough lives,” Ehlers said.

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