Model branches out into business

24 November 2017
Author   Rinelda Mouton
Namibian model, Angelica Shida (AS) last year launched her own beauty Spa in Walvis Bay named Shida’s Beauty Spa. Her business is doing well and is loved by residents at the coast.
The Windhoek Observer’s Entertainment Reporter, Rinelda Mouton (RM), this week sat down with the young businesswoman to find out more about her spa and what motivates her to achieve success in business.
RM: Besides being a top model, who ‘else’ is Angelica Shida?
AS:  I was born on 14 January 1994 in Keetmanshoop. I went to Van Rhyn Primary School and Dawid Bezeduinhout High School in Windhoek. I later became a nail technician and I loved the work. I did my friends’ and mother’s nails in my room with the dream of owning my own beauty spa one day.
That dream has finally become a reality, and I am very proud of myself for making it thus far. Before I opened the spa, I worked at Pebble Wellness in Windhoek. My former boss, Edwina Husselmann, motivated me to be successful in this industry.  If it was not for her, Shida’s Beauty Spa would never have existed.  I would have travelled the world as a fashion model leaving my dreams of owning a business in the dust bin.
RM: Tell us more about your beauty spa?
AS: I opened my business in September 2016. We offer waxing, acrylic for finger nails, eye lashes, pedicures, manicures, body detox treatments, facials, make up and massages. Yes, I am the boss, but I do all the treatments myself. I am working very hard on building a client base.
RM: Where did the desire to start your own beauty spa come from?
AS: I was always obsessed with spas. For me it was the best place to be after a long day. I can relax and get new hope to challenge the world and fight for my dreams again. Whenever I would travel outside the country I would always visit a new spa. I think that the best spas are in South Africa, Dubai, Taiwan, Lebanon and South Korea.
RM: How is your modelling career going?
AS: For now I have placed my modelling career on hold. I will eventually go back to it again, but I need to spend more time working on my spa. Doing this is very important because I have realised that owning a business is not easy. If you want to be successful, you must be willing to work hard.
RM: What are you doing to make your beauty spa successful?
AS: When I started my business it was tough. I approached various business people for advice, and sometimes, the advice I received was not helpful.  
The best thing that a young entrepreneur can do is to believe in her or himself. You need to be 100 percent fully committed; there is no time for distractions and this is the reason why I have placed my modelling career on hold, at least for now. 
I learned that to be successful and competitive in the spa business, I have to offer specials or unique services to set my spa apart from the others.  My customers always come back, not only because we treat them like royalty when they visit, but also because there are monthly combo specials where people can get multiple services for one fair price.  Also, many of my customers like our signature scrubs.
RM: Where did you get the money to start the beauty spa?
AS: I started my business with the money that I won as first princess at the New Silk Road Model Contest held in China. I did not get a loan or borrow any money. The money came from my hard work. I also had support from family and friends. I am very thankful for them in my life.
RM: How do you see your business growing in the next five years?
AS: My dream is to add a Jacuzzi and a steam room in my spa.  Saunas are a big draw card for working women who want to let the heat eek out the tiredness from their bones. 
It is also good for the skin as the dirt in pores and old body oils, make-up and cosmetics can be leeched out in the warm, moist heat.  Hot tubs and saunas are in demand for this reason.  My big dream is to own the best spa in Namibia. I am very determined to achieve this and I am prepared to work very hard for success.


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