Never mess with A-moor!

02 November 2012

SOME things are better left unsaid and others are better off aired on Facebook for the world to see.


We all know the only way to establish mutual respect is to bring out the boxing gloves and settle things like real men but in the absence of a boxing ring, Facebook should suffice.

Black-a-moor recently debuted his music video on a local television station’s music countdown show.

The video – ‘Upper Class Swag’ – is steadily making its way to the top, and has already shot up to sixth place in just a couple of weeks.

However, it seems not everyone is happy about the ‘Upper Class Swag’ video with a few people in the industry bitter about the video’s success.

Black-a-moor came out guns blazing on Sunday when he thanked his supporters and then addressed a certain “Lil Dog” for criticising his music video.

“Congrats Lil Dog for being one, but seriously why when my video got introduced you just had to utter “WHAT YOU KNOW BOUT SWAG?” While making hand gestures!!!

“For me that smell like beef, better yet as if you feel insecure cos I’m the elephant in the room. If you didn’t have anything nice to say you should have just shut it!” he posted.

Clearly, the other artist’s comments and physical gestures agitated the Walvis Bay-based artist and Black-a-moor went out to air more of his grievances. He even started criticising the other artist’s video.

“I thought you were my boy since we met and hung out a couple times at DJ Simz studio. Your song/video “Excuse Me” is about a girl stripping for you and I don’t see any of that.

“So better get your scripts on point.The chicks don’t even wear bikinis and you only see their faces.”

The final part of the post is harder to quote as he curses “Lil Dog” and calls him a name used to refer to a female dog.

C’mon boys! There is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition but there is no need to cuss each other out on social networks.

So kiss and make up and keep those great videos coming, even if there is a disconnect between the lyrics and the video.


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