Young leader sets sights on Fiji

17 April 2015

ent liz 17 aprilThere are people in this world who are destined for great things and destined to be great leaders. It does not take much to see this, and all one needs to do is look at the manner in which they conduct themselves and treat those around them.

A true leader is one who not only helps him or herself to grow, but also those around them, and one such leader is Elizabeth Mununga. Mununga is one of three Namibians that have entered for selection to the This Is Your Life change reality show, scheduled to take place in Fiji this year.

“The competition is looking for six leaders from around the globe who will go to Fiji and help some of the individuals on the island improve their lives,” she explained.

The reality show is also designed to help the six participants realise the different business dreams that they have, which is what appealed to the young entrepreneur.

At present, 50 contestants are eying the Fiji trip. Only those with the highest number of votes from the public will qualify for the competition on the remote tropical island.

The all expenses paid trip to Fiji will see 6 contestants on the island with a business coach, life coach and personal trainer to help them with their products, businesses or charitable organisations back home. The only catch is that their ideas should benefit the world. This Is Your Life Change was founded life coach Mark Bowness. Before changing careers and becoming the inspiration he is now, Bowness was a down-on-his luck school cleaner, who found himself being suicidal after his wife walked out on him.

He woke up in the hospital after a failed suicide attempt to realise just how life precious life was and changed his for the better. He now hopes to do that for the six individuals who will go through to the final round.

“I opened a travel agency last year but it is not active yet. I had scheduled a trip to Cape Town this year to meet some investors, but that plan fell through.

“As I was researching various other ways to help my business grow, I stumbled onto the This Is Your Life Change website. It appealed to me so I entered,” she said.

She said the reality show is for people with big dreams and high ambitions, which basically defined who she is.

However, she admitted that when she entered the running to participate in the reality show, all she thought about was her business and how to make it grow.

But she realised it was bigger than that once she spoke to Bowness and various other people on the reality shows’ Facebook page.

“Mark Bowness does not only want to change the lives of the people involved but change the lives of millions. They will arm the six contestants with the tools to better themselves after the competition.

“They will go home and teach other people what they have learned, and those people will teach others and so the cycle will continue,” she said passionately.

This moved her because she saw it as a way to be selfless and push her agenda of building a nation of empowered women. She has begun to build a support group of like-minded, motivated people who will see to it that she implements her ideas, regardless of whether she makes it into the competition or not.

Locally, she hopes to train future leaders from all the 14 regions who can go back and identify and train leaders from within their communities.

There are two voting categories, the judges’ choice and the public voters’ choice. She is hopeful that she will succeed with both groups, but right now, she has decided to focus on the latter.

To vote for Mununga go to the link http://thisisyourlifechange.com/vote-for-elizabeth-mununga-mbambi/.

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