The ranting of a fashion nut: Reduce, re-use and recycle

17 April 2015

The stench of a charlatan could line this entire city and it would still leave us with more than enough to pollute this country.

Hypocrites walk around with a peg on their nose, pointing their judgemental nick-nack forefinger at everyone else’s flaws, forgetting they have their own.

Lately, I have heard many fashion savvy girls talk about how they never wear the same outfit twice, or recycle if you will.

Of course, this kind of attitude comes from all the American reality television shows they drown in on a daily basis.

From the Real Housewives of every county the producers can think of, to former wives of celebrities, who can actually afford not to recycle outfits (but most of them do), you name any glamorous reality show and they watch it.

I try not to judge based on this, but what I can’t stand, nay, what I hate with a passion is when these carbon copies of celebrities try to make their friends feel bad.

The amount of times I have begged Jesus to take the wheel from me because these long-winded conversations between girls are far too many to count.

Unless you’re the president’s daughter and have a trillion dollars in your account, I find it hard to believe that in this country of ours you have never worn the same outfit twice.

Even if you had one of those special uncles who become handsy when no one is looking, you still won’t be able to afford not to wear the same outfit twice.

I don’t know who you are trying to impress, but let me tell you this sister, both me and the lady at the front of the cab who just came from selling kapana from under the Wernhil bridge are not impressed.

These are usually the first people to see how often other people wear the same outfit but they also do it.

The worst part about it is that the victims of this hypocrisy just take it lying down, which makes me want to punch them in the jejunum for being so weak.

I don’t know if it’s the change in season or just because it’s 2015 but I have a short fuse these days and I’m afraid I might physically harm the next person I hear talk about how they don’t repeat outfits. You can choose to wear the same outfit as often as you want (just remember to space out how often), you can change elements of the look like the accessories and shoes and still look good.

There is nothing wrong with that, because that’s what people do, be they normal or batsh*t crazy. It’s the norm and anyone who says it’s conforming should also stop breathing in oxygen because that is also the norm on earth.
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