Dyko mesmerising

10 April 2015

Up until Friday, 27 March, I could not confidently have said that I had ever seen a live electronica/synth-pop performance, and I am sure some of the 300 learners who attended the show would admit to the same thing.

However, this did not stop them from fully immersing themselves in Dyko’s performance at Deutsche Höhere Privatschule (DHPS).

The Germany Embassy organised the performance as part of the celebrations for Namibia’s independence silver jubilee as well as 25 years of German/Namibian cooperation.

Various other events, such as an exhibition by Alpheus Mvula and a lecture by Professor Joseph Diescho formed part of the celebrations, and more will follow in the next couple of months under the theme German Weeks.

Three hundred learners from schools in Windhoek that offer German as a subject were present at the show, watching gleefully and occasionally getting up to dance to the electrifying music.

Cosmos High school, Khomastura Project school, Khomas High school, Delta High school and of course DHPS, were among some of the schools present.

Perhaps it is the fact that Dyko is a musical genius, whose originality is lacking in the local music industry, or that his music is infectious but all those who attended were in a blissful trance throughout his performance.

The Australian born musician uses his music to not only reflect his passion for German culture and language, but also motivate learners and students across the world to take an interest in it.

He boasts an outstanding 170 concerts in over 40 countries across the globe and lists David Bowie as one of his influences.

Dyko usually holds performances for high school and college students, or music festivals at the request of the Goethe Institute.

In as much as the learners were taken with him, he was equally taken with them.

He said he enjoyed the show just as much as they did, if not more and hoped he could come back to Namibia soon, maybe even compose a song using one of the local languages.

If Dyko’s concert was anything to go by, loads of fun and edutainment will fill the German Weeks, and all you need to do is attend one of the shows.

A theatre play and a public reading of Meer des Schweigens is scheduled for 16 April at DHPS and the Goethe Centre respectively. Entrance is free of charge.
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