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10 April 2015

Almost a year has passed since the eager and soft spoken Lazarus Ashipala, also known as Don Kamati, released his debut EP album, with nothing more than his hopes fuelling him on.

A year later, Don Kamati has implemented a turn-around strategy that he believes will catapult him to success.

While most artists start their careers in groups before they go solo, Don Kamati is doing it the other way around. He has gone from being a solo artist to becoming part of a duo.

“I realised that it was much harder to make it on my own as opposed to being in a group,” he began, as he explained his decision.

That is when he met Lazarus Neshuku, who goes by the name DJ Laza, and the two decided to start working together. “I feel much better now that I have teamed up with DJ Laza,” he said.

The two signed with High-Def Music (HDM) and have started to prepare for the official launch of their debut album.

The album titled Mokuti, which means in the wilderness, took them a month to compile but by his standards, Don Kamati felt that was too long.

The duo wanted to enter for the 2015 Namibia Annual Music Awards, but unfortunately, they didn’t finish the album before the closing date for the awards.

However, Don Kamati said they are pleased that they have completed the album and that people will finally have the opportunity to see what they are capable of.

The 15-track album mainly features afro-pop and shambo sounds. So far, they have managed to shoot a video for one of their singles.

It is a norm for artists to feature renowned artists on their debut albums to give them a nudge, if you will, however they did no such thing.

“We did not feature any established artists on our debut album because we wanted to prove our worth without receiving a boost from anyone else,” Don Kamati said.

They only feature one person, DJ Oros, on the album but only because they are strong believers in quid pro quo and this way DJs will be more willing to play their songs during their sets.

“In this album we only speak the truth. We talk about how things actually are behind the scenes without the glamour.

“An example is our first single Oshimaliwa – which means money – and in it we urge people to earn their money the right way and not through dubious means,” he explained.

The album is available at Antonio’s Art in Post Street Mall in Windhoek and at HDM Electronics in Ongwediva for N$120.
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