Back fence chatter:Say my name

27 February 2015

A certain DJ, whose name is alarmingly similar to the blond Australian singer with the hit single Chandelier, has Vikesha worried.

The worry is that he may be suffering from short-term memory loss that keeps him repeating his name.

Vikesha watched him perform last week and he sounded like a broken record as he randomly yelled out his name, on top of fumbling his own lyrics.

It was bad enough that he was lip-syncing, but then he had to go into broken record mode. Vikesha has had it up to here with Namibian artists.

They lip-sync their way through their careers and give sub-par performances. Pray tell! Who ever said that every DJ and producer in this country has to become a singer/rapper? Not everyone can be a Timbaland or Kanye West, just hang up your mics and get a real job.


Talent anyone?


Had the good Lord decided to smite Vikesha where he sat last Tuesday, death could not have come soon enough.

Vikesha had to endure a performance that would have sent any man half out of his mind.

The female artist whose stage name is that of a feline, was performing at a corporate event, flipping her Brazilians more than she was actually singing because her back-track was doing it all for her.

It took a minute for Vikesha to break out of his daze of disgust, but once that happened, he wished an epilepsy seizure was next so he would not have to sit through that performance. What happened to the good old days when artists had talent, huh?

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