One Blood going strong

27 February 2015


Whoever came up with the famous phrase “blood is thicker than water”, should have added a few more words, which translate to family businesses being the key to success.

One Blood is proof that family run businesses tend to thrive. They are one of a handful of the disco/afro-pop groups who have closed in on a decade of their musical career and continue to go strong.

The group, which consists of siblings Victor Kaune, Daphne Kaune and Uatungua Matundu, this week released its fifth studio album.

The hardworking trio expressed their excitement for having gone so far in their careers and they could not wait for the public to listen to the new work because it showed their growth.

“Our album is titled Focus,” Victor (Kaune) began explaining on behalf of the group. “We realised that at this stage in our careers we needed to focus to achieve all our dreams.

“However the title is also directed at all those people who feel like the walls are closing in on them and all the doors are being shut in their face. They just need to focus on being the people they want to become,” he said.

The trio worked on the album for a year and a half. They had a few setbacks, including losing most of the tracks they had recorded for the album.

To make up for their loss they made sure that they would produce their best work yet. “One of our main goals for this album was writing lyrics with substance, lyrics that would teach people something.

“We used entertainment through music as a way to educate people as opposed to just entertaining,” Victor explained.

The 19-track album features two collaborations, one with multi-award winning artist The Dogg and the other with Sunny Boy. DJ Kboz and Morgan the Syndicate produced tracks for the album.

Victor added that although they are a disco/afro-pop group, their album caters to people with broad musical tastes. They have house and Kizomba songs on the album.

“One Blood is a unique flavour in the music industry, and our fans recognise our sound just by hearing it without anyone having to tell them it’s us,” he said.

The group is confident that the album will do well.

One Blood is currently looking into other business ventures they can invest in. Apart from the music industry not generating a large enough income for artists to survive comfortably, piracy also cuts into their profits.

“We are looking for innovative projects that our fans will appreciate to attract more of them. We want to expand our brand,” Victor said.

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