Russians host first film festival

06 February 2015

If you love foreign rom-coms (romantic comedies) and drama, then the Goethe Centre should be the best place for you to watch movies for the next week.

The Russian Embassy and the Goethe centre will host the first-ever Russian film festival from 9-13 February from 19h15.

The Russian Federation has long been an ally of the Namibian government and so the embassy will use the festival as a tool to highlight the 25 anniversary of these diplomatic relations.

During the liberation struggle, the then Soviet Union played an instrumental role by giving aid to the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) fighter and giving them guerrilla training.

“We want to bring the Namibian audience closer to the richest Russian culture including cinematographic part of it. We are also hoping to raise interest by Namibians in Russia, its people and history,” the Russian Embassy wrote said in response to an enquiry.

Although the Russian community in Namibia is not considerable, the embassy hopes that the festival will become a hit among the general Windhoek population as they target a wide audience from all ethnic groups and age ranges.

“We are confident the festival will have positive impact,” the embassy further added.

During the festival, the Goethe centre will screen a range of movies from the genres of drama, comedy, romance.

The festival will kick off with the film White Sun of the Desert (Beloe solntse pustyni)

Monday, at 19h15 and then close off with The Stroll (Progulka) on Friday, 13 February at the same time.

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