Chelsea sets the record straight

23 January 2015

PANIC-stricken Chelsea Fashions clients this week rushed to the fabric shop to stock up on materials in preparation for its closing.

The shop currently has a massive clearance sale to make way for new stock, perhaps the biggest sale some clients have ever seen, which led some of them to conclude that the shop may have planned to close down.

“I think Chelsea Fashions is closing down because they have a big sale, but where will we buy our fabrics now?” one of their loyal clients said this week. Chelsea Fashions is one of the biggest fabric shops in Windhoek, and stocks a variety of fabric and other sewing materials that are not readily available elsewhere.

The fabric shop has stood the test of time with its loyal client base, while other shops around the city have closed down.

A manager at the shop, who preferred to remain anonymous, rubbished the claims of the shop closing down.

The manager, who appeared agitated by the claims, said it was not the first time they had received queries about the shop closing.

“We have had at least five calls today (Tuesday) from customers asking whether the shop would close down or not and we told them no,” she emphasised.

She said she did not know where the rumours of the closure came from but they had no truth to them.

“We are having a clearance sale to sell off the old stock,” she said sounding exasperated.

The manager further said she did not understand why the customers had to contact the media and insisted that they had set the record straight with their customers.

She said she would pass on the Windhoek Observer’s queries to the owner of the shop for further clarification

Clearance sales are quite common in the industry and shops usually have them to make way for new stock.

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