The ranting of a fashion nut: Too little or too much

23 January 2015

WE have all seen the woman scrambling to make it to the altar, cleavage bursting out of a dress that is so tight she can barely kneel in front of the altar to receive communion.

One of the male altar servers almost spills wine down her blouse because her assets have him completely distracted.

Then there is Sister Fransiska who only needs a hijab to blend in well with the Muslim community.

She wears turtleneck, long sleeved gowns with a small train every time she comes to church and one can’t help, but wonder if this is her coming to church in hopes to find her future husband at the altar or because of her great respect for the church.

Sometimes you think you’re decent enough until one of the older ladies in the church snarls at you, looks at your stripper shoes, before giving you the “you make me sick” look.

So, what is appropriate attire for church? Women have it hard, because if you dress in what makes you comfortable, say a vest and a pencil skirt, some will say shame on you for showing that much skin in the house of the Lord.

If you cover up from head to toe, then they avoid you because they consider you odd or self-righteous, which begs the question: what is the right attire?

Is it not hard enough that I was born a woman with so many things stacked up against me because of the mere fact that I am a woman, now I have to concern myself with what stern Sister Mercy might approve of me wearing to Sunday service?

I thought the idea was that you should come as you are, and not to focus on superficial things such as clothes but rather focus on God.

Now I am not saying you should come in your thong to church, unless of course you are a stripper who works opposite the church and you suddenly find yourself filled with the spirit.

If you go sincerely to worship, with no ulterior motives like to seduce Brother Whats-his-face who has just recently become a widower, why should it matter what you are wearing to church?

What does it matter that you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt, because will you not read from the same bible and hear the same scriptures?

The worst part of all is that the most judgemental views and comments come from other women, and this does not only apply to church, but also to the office and other social settings.

We have long accused men of having disadvantaged women, but now women have started body shaming each other out of misguided self-loathing, or envy, or a dozen other reasons a psychologist might be able to explain to you.

As I said, I am not asking anyone to go to church in their underwear, nor am I saying you should not cover up, but what I am saying is that your choice of clothes should remain between you and your God.

If you feel comfortable with what you are wearing and feel that your God accepts you just as you are, then by all means wear those jeans and Ts to church, but not because some grumpy old lady or self-righteous youth leader will disapprove.

The same applies to your daily life, all that matters is that you are comfortable in your own skin and you can still do what you are supposed to do to the best of your ability. The trick is to block out the noise spewing from everyone else’s mouths.

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