Jojo’s a haven for artists

16 January 2015

ent JANPssst! Psst! Have you heard? There is a cosy place in the heart of the city where you can escape to and enjoy uncensored, unadulterated art and great food.


If you haven’t heard, one has to wonder what rock you’ve been hiding under because Jojo’s Music and Art’s café has become the talk of the town since it opened its doors last week.

The café owned by Joonas and Joolokeni Leskela is situated at the Old Breweries, and it has been a long time coming.

The couple is very passionate about arts, and the café represents their contribution to helping develop the industry.

Joonas, who originally comes from Finland, explained that he came from a town roughly the size of Windhoek, but his hometown always had something going on, be it an exhibition, musical performance or poetry recital, which is not the case here.

“Our aim is to provide a creative space for all artists – a place where they can feel at home,” Joonas said.

He makes the clear distinction that Jojo’s is a café and not a bar, and he cannot hide how optimistic he feels about the café’s chances of success because it is the first of its kind here.

The café will host live music performances, exhibitions and poetry recitals.

“I have had many conversations with artists…and they need a place they can call their own. Therefore, people are excited (about the café). It is going to be a home to the arts community.”

He said he welcomed the idea of other people opening similar cafés because it would mean more support for artists.

Jojo’s would also welcome all kinds of artists, but Joonas admitted that they couldn’t be everything to everyone, which seems a realistic observation.

Although he welcomes different types of artists, he will still maintain creative control and a focus for the café so that it remains a true reflection of his own vision.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the menu contains some of Joonas’ favourite food, including a sandwich named after him.

With the help of Mobile Chef, the café has managed to create a mouth-watering menu, which boasts tacos, quesadillas and healthy wraps as some of its main attractions.

“Our short term goal is to make people happy and our long term goal is to create a base for both artists and art appreciators.

“We want to help with the development of the arts by creating a platform that young artists can use as their first stepping stone,” Joonas added.

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