Adieu 2014

19 December 2014

ent KEITA 19 decAFTER finding ourselves at yet another year-end we had promised would be an amazing one in 2013, only to find one item ticked off the resolution, we swore on all that was holy to us that 2014 would be different.

“Au revoir 2013 and all your failure! Au revoir to you Sir! 2014 will be my year to shine,” we said to ourselves. The annual self-loathing that came with realising you had not achieved all you had set out to this year became too much.

The thing with resolutions is that you need not make a physical list, but your mind, whether you like it or not, takes mental notes on all the things you need to do and constantly reminds you of them.

Here we are once again, with another resolution list with only two items ticked off, but it has been a remarkable year, and no one has the time to entertain self-loathing this time.

The collective entertainment industry proved that it was no longer a nursing baby but a toddler learning to run.

It was a great year to be an artist in this country because so much happened, which was sure to make you a household name, but only if you could grab opportunity by the horns and ride it into the sunset.

One of the biggest highlights on the music scene was when word broke of Gazza and the Dogg releasing a collaborative album.

The artists had a feud for years, but finally buried the hatchet and surprised both sets of fans when they performed together at the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs).

However, no one anticipated that the multi-award winning duo would go as far as releasing an album together.

I hope that the youngsters took a page from their book and realised that beefing with other artists will not get you far and is not as much fun as most of them believe.

Having three internationally acclaimed, award-winning acts perform for the first time in Namibia proved another win for the music industry.

Nigerian duo P-Square were the first to perform, followed by Davido, and lastly the legendary Salif Keita.

Having three huge artists perform a few weeks apart would have been impossible a few years ago but with the growth of the industry, it’s only a matter of time before local artists start performing next to Trey Songs or Chris Brown.

These artists also helped local artists work on their artistry because they all had to be at their best for audiences to notice them performing with people who cast such a big shadow because of their international acclaim.

Surprisingly, former Gal Level duo Freeda and Daphne proved that they are just as good on their own as they are together.

With performances all over the country and inspired solo albums, the girls earned the public’s respect and the right to the status of successful solo artists.

It was also a good year for the film and theatre industry because they had their biennial awards this year.

The awards recognised various individuals both in the film and theatre industry for their hard work over the past two years and they relished the accolades.

Florian Schotts’  “Everything Happens for a Reason” received the most votes in the Afrinolly Shortfilm Competition.

The international competition has a youth-focus with a singular concentration on the next generation of filmmakers, and it not only put Schott on the map but Namibian filmmakers as a whole.

With the help of Bryan Ramkilawan, the CEO of the Cape Town Fashion Council (CTFC), local designers and stakeholders in the fashion industry were able to form the Namibia Fashion Council.

This was a significant milestone in ensuring that designers not only work towards building profitable brands but also contribute to the economy of the country.

Those are but a few of the events that made headlines this year, with many more in between. One can only hope that next year is just as eventful.

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