Look out for Miss H

05 October 2012
Author   Faith Kavamba

ent miss h 5 octIMAGINE a female Louis Armstrong, melded with a little Macy Gray and a hint of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes laced with Tracy Chapman for a neat finish.

Confusing description? Maybe, but you cannot liken any of these great artists to describe what these ears heard.
But once you hear Heather Dennis sing, it all comes together and the description makes sense.
Her voice has a roughness and uniqueness that people have yet to hear in the Namibian music industry – ah, what a delight!
While most 23-year-olds are still in limbo over the path they want to take in their lives, Heather, affectionately known as Miss H, knew music was her calling when she was just knee high.
Miss H obtained her first instrument, a violin, when she was just five-years-old and by the time she was six she was already playing solo.
From the moment she picked up her violin, she hit the ground running. She then learnt how to play the piano, guitar and the drums.
Although it may seem a little too much for some people, anything music related has always been a breeze for Miss H.
“The only thing I have ever been able to understand is arts – be it music or acting…” she elaborated.
She had a trying childhood. She had to be the beacon of light for her five siblings and mother after her father passed away.
While some people wait for a knight in shining armour to descend from the heavens, Miss H found hers in her art. Her only escape from the sadness that loomed over her during that time was arts and her love for music.
“Singing helps me express myself…When I’m singing, it’s as if I’m speaking through my soul,” she said as she tried to further explain her relationship and love for music.
Seemingly well put together and calm, Miss H admits it took a while for her to reach the level where she is in her life now.
“I had to fight for my music. I had to fight people to accept my music and what I wanted to be,” she said.
Even after she had matriculated, Miss H was determined to live out her dream of becoming a successful musician.
“You have to claim that space that is yours otherwise people will push you around. I learnt that early on from my mother but it made sense and I had the opportunity to apply it when I was out in the real world,” she noted.
Miss H’s determination and hard work have finally paid off because she recently signed to join Deal Done Records – the record label owned by successful businessperson Djokic Dragan, popularly known as Antonio.
“. . . I was sitting in town, playing my guitar when Antonio saw me. He took me to his studio where I auditioned for his producers and that is how he signed me,” she explained.
Having been on her own for most of her music career, Miss H is glad to have Antonio and Deal Done Records behind her.
“I was doing things on my own for a long time and I did them well but I hate the admin part of business.
“Antonio gives you the chance to be the best that you can be. He gives you the creative freedom you need,” she said.
She adds that many artists don’t want to sign to labels because they try to change them but Deal Done Records helps you build the person you are.
Miss H is currently working on her debut album, scheduled for release in November this year.
“I worked at Etosha Pan a while ago. I would perform there for the guests for a few hours every evening and on my last night there, there was a big storm.
“The guests had to run where I was performing indoors for shelter, after that I wrote a song titled Storm (Me and You) – a song about this crazy energy between two people but fear keeps them apart. My album is titled after that song,” she said.
The album is versatile as it has a genre for everyone out there. It has hip-hop, reggae and rock infusion – one of the genres she’s experimenting with right now.
She promises that her album will have some of her best work yet, especially because of what she calls her vocal boot camp which she had at Etosha Pan.
“Right now I am raw Heather. There is a lot of honesty in my music. I’m building myself up and this is the real beginning for me,” she said
This young songstress aims to make her family and Namibia proud of her through her music.
When you have been at the bottom, the only way for you to go from there is to the top and with Deal Done Records behind her; it seems Miss H is well on her way up.
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