Taimi Indila Nambahu shares her Y’ello experience

13 December 2019
In line with the ethos of the MTN Group of making a meaningful impact in the markets that it operates in, MTN Namibia launched its inaugural Graduate Trainee Programme this year. 
There are five graduates from recognized universities accepted from over 200 applications. The 24 month initiative by the telecommunications company is designed to give graduates the best hands-on training specific to MTN business units.  The program particularly focuses on Finance, Information Technology, Networks, Marketing, Sales and Human Resources.  It’s also part of the company’s contribution to skills development in Namibia. Below is a brief interview with one of the trainees, Taimi Indila Nambahu (TIN) on her journey this far.
Q) Tell us about yourself and your area of study?
TIN) Y’ello, I am Taimi Indila Nambahu, graduated in Software Development from the Namibia University of Science and Technology.
Q) How did you hear about the MTN management trainee program and what motivated you to apply?
TIN) I saw the advertisement on the WhatsApp Social media platform. During my studies I always thought of working for a big company, where I have to be trained to understand the core of all different technology sectors, therefore this is what motivated me to apply.
Q) Of what impact has the MTN initiative had on your life?
TIN) It is not a secret that initiative has impacted my life in a positive way. I have gained new skills and knowledge since. I am being expose to new things every day and I am achieving what I have always wanted.
Q) How do you describe your journey so far since you joined the program
TIN) I am experiencing an awe-inspiring, amazing and knowledgeable journey, as I have the most supportive team ever.
Q) In terms of learning, would you say it’s providing the much needed on the job training as you expected?
TIN) It’s providing more then what I expected.
Q) What would you say are the 5 things that you have learnt and stick out for you?
• High quality service
• Professionalism
• Teamwork
• Transparency
• Confidentiality
Q) What can you say has been the most challenging about the program so far?
TIN) Coping with people with different personalities and different ways of doing things.
At the end of the day, we always get together as a team and get work done in the best interest of the company.
Q) What would you say to those that might want to apply for the program?
TIN) Well, I would highly recommend this program to all the graduate that know what they want and have their eyes set on their goals.
Q) Any last words that you might want to share?
TIN) Constantly involve God in everything you do first, smile throughout all seasons, believe in yourself and fly high like an eagle then you will be unstoppable.


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