Blossom Queen back on top with new CD

01 November 2019

Local singer and songwriter Ruusa Ndapewa Munalye a.k.a. Blossom and now Blossom Queen, is a talented young woman whose passion for original African sounds are upfront and enjoyable on her latest CD, Uvandje. 

Released last week, people should buy this soulful music. You will sway your hips or tap your foot to her beats. Her lyrics will move you. She is an engaging African storyteller in song with a mainstream, commercial sound. 
With a lusty voice full of depth and a musical appetite for life, she presents her 20 tracks on Uvandje. This is not one of those highly ‘produced’ albums where a singer with questionable vocal talent is hidden behind instruments and featured side artists. Blossom Queen comes through loud and clear on each track. Her talent and heart are in her verses and her delivery.
Born and raised in Onelago Village in the North of Namibia, the 2013 NAMAs female artist of the year revealed her new album has encouraged her to continue on her proven path to success in music. 
While the songstress ran afoul of judgemental hand-clappers online and NAMA organizers in 2017 when she expressed her personal opinions online regarding a political leader, thankfully her career did not slow down as a result. Nor should it ever. This young lady is an African soul diva of the highest order.  She has too much talent to let naysayers on any level hold her back. We say, speak truth to power and long-live free speech! You go girl!
About Uvandje the Blossom Queen says, “I’m so excited to share my brand new album. This work has reinforced me to continue to be authentic, keep true to my identity, ideals and beliefs. One of my favourite songs is Wuzalekendje Oshingoli, which also comes together with my new name 'Blossom Queen'. 
“Uvandje inspired the album title as I believe we go through seasons in life. Now it is time for a golden crown as I represent my Namibian and African rhythms. 
My Africa and Osigo Uunake are two songs that are very close to my heart as I express my deepest desire for a new day for Africa at large.  For too long we have been marred by a rather flawed system that seeks to benefit a few while the rest survive.
“I produced my album mainly with the talented Shakoma (the new guy on the block). It is available at Mono, Elenga music shop, VPM, Young Ones, Panamo, My Three Sister, Streethouse Etango, Wambu Mall, and online. Follow me and watch my media space on Facebook and Instagram 'Blossom Queen' as I release beautiful new music videos.”
Blossom Queen has travelled and performed around the world. She released her debut album Komuthima Gwomeya in late 2012 and received 11 NAMA nominations the following year. 
Follow Blossom Queen on Facebook and @blossomqueen on Instagram.



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