Laz Jacobs to lite up the nite

25 October 2019
The man of many talents, Lazarus Jacobs will be LIVE on the mic, performing a solo stand-up comedy show titled, “Siiiii Knew”.  The show will take place on Friday evening, October 25th at the former Paragon Crescent Café in Windhoek.
The show will start at 7pm and will be jam-packed, so get there on time and prepare to be entertained.
The title of his performance, ‘Siiiii Knew’ comes from the Xuro Milton character Oc Ebs and the way ‘she’ pronounces, “She Knew”.  It is hilarious and Laz is the best man to take up the task of pushing that term to a new level.  As always, he will deliver comedy performance that covers many issues of relevance today.
We can’t wait to hear him wax comedic on the MTC decision to sponsor knock-out boxing as a part of their campaign against gender-based violence.  Of course, the political landscape prior to national elections is full of low hanging joke-fruits ripe for the pickin’.  Laz will serve up a continuous stream of funny.
As always, the Paragon Exec and long-time stage comedic performer will vibe off the energy of the crowd.  He will touch on subjects fast and furious and leave the room rockin’.
Laz hasn’t been on stage live in comedy mode for a minute.  But, his brand of humour is timeless.
Check out his website for his full biography, lazjacobs.com.  His past performances have taken him as far as South Africa, Kenya, Botswana and London.  Dubbed a “Namibian comic genius”, Laz initiated and popularised stand-up comedy in Namibia more than nearly two decades ago. His unique brand of political satire covers both local and international events.  He has a very interesting comic perspective on things that many of us take for granted.
Lazarus Jacobs is a successful businessman and the co-founder of Paragon Investment Holdings.  He is a well-known Namibian media personality and has authored many columns in various newspapers and magazines. He is a sought-after motivational speaker.  Laz has more than 20 years in management as well as vast experience in marketing, advertising, radio and television production.
When he is asked to give serious talks to different audiences, he regales them with his personal commitment to “Start where you are with what you have.”  For Laz, moaning and complaining about how disadvantaged you are or waiting around for someone to give you success on a platter is bullsh#t. He is all about gettin’ busy to get things done.
Come hear this classic Namibian comedy presentation and start your weekend off right.  Get your tickets from the Paragon Crescent Suites.  For further information, contact @LazJacobs on Twitter.


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