Couch Cat: What happened to my eyebrows?

12 July 2019
Author   Jackie Asheeke
I know I am out of the eye make-up mainstream when my daughter, helping me to prepare for a program I was hosting, told me that I didn’t have enough eyebrows for her to properly work on.
  This was a surprise; I never thought that much about them.  Now, however, I am learning the cosmetic lesson that eyebrows are more important than I thought. 
The struggle now is to create eyebrows when mine don’t have enough hair any more to be ‘shaped.’ Using black pencils and various applications of some gooey things, I can enhance the remaining eyebrow scraps that I still have and ‘shape’ them using cover cream.
However, to do this theatrical stuff on a daily basis is more work than I want to invest.  Even doing it for stage or live ‘events’ or just when I go out with friends will be a nightmare.  Is there an age at which having shaped eyebrows doesn’t matter anymore?  Are people out there really going to judge me as un-attractive just because I don’t have eyebrows?
I’ve always thought that either you have an attractive face or you don’t.  An unattractive face with make-up is exactly that.  My grandmother said that if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s just a pig with red lips. 
However, she also said that if you’ve got something to work with on your face (great eyes, a cute nose or sexy lips) and the make-up plays that up, then GREAT, you have something goin’ on. 
Folks, if the ‘wow’ face (or even an OK face) is not there…then you’d better work on your figure, invest in having wonderful hair, have great legs, do theatrics in bed or have a smashing personality, because your face won’t be a calling card, and no make-up will change that.
For that reason, I never put much store in wearing make-up.  Too many people wear it like a mask.  I think heavy make-up hides something about who you really are and that is false. 
Now that I’m older, I started to use other ‘products’ to even my skin tone, but still…doing that every morning takes less than 15 minutes and that suits me just fine.  Now, I have to do eyebrow make-up which can take 15 more minutes!  Is there no rest for the weary?
I am learning that I have to wash the gunk off my eyebrows at night, never-ever touch my face when my brows have been painted on, and I must apply Jamaican Castor Oil to my brows every day to help stimulate growth. 
Evidently, when I plucked my eyebrows back in the day for several decades, I damaged them.  Then, when I got lazy a few years back and used hair removal cream to ‘shape’ my eyebrows, that made it worse.
Can you believe there are eyebrow transplants?  I was told that I can get my eyebrows tattooed on!  I can even get my thin eye brow hairs that are still there, permanently dyed black.  I am not brave enough for these processes – bring on the black, oily pencils and a steady hand.
Dear readers, if you see me on the street, don’t stare at the few eyebrow hairs I have left, you might scare them away completely.


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