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Run with your idea

07 June 2019
Author   Jackie Wilson Asheeke
My son alerted me to a YouTube site with a sista’ called Sharronda Williams and her blog called: Pay or Wait.  This young lady is talking in rapid fire ‘hood speed vernacular about the latest movies and top TV shows.  
In watching this young lady, it occurs to me that this is someone who had an idea and found a way to get paid for it.  More of us need to run with our ideas instead of only dreaming and talking about them.
Just seeing this blog and enjoying it, inspired me to get off my butt to get some things done for my own life.  Sharronda’s blog is low budget as she is a talking head in front of a large poster of the TV show or movie (check out her Game of Thrones review; it is spot on and hilarious!) that she is discussing.  Simple. 
When looking at the volume of episodes on movies that she has recorded and posted, I wonder that she can keep up the pace required to get more subscribers.  She has a bit more than 15,000 now, but needs to get up into the hundreds of thousands to earn serious ad money and a healthy google pay check.  For now though, she is making money being herself, no acting, no pretence, no sets, no costumes or fake stuff, just Sharronda Williams live, uncensored, and talkin’ smack about the movies.
Her example shows me that anyone can do anything if they are willing to put their minds to it and put in the work, consistently.  It takes having an idea, then a plan, then the backbone to fight to make it happen, some good luck and then the fortitude to let it rip!  We all can learn that lesson.
In these hard times, there are many out there facing unemployment,  job insecurity, reduced hours, no more overtime, and late pay checks.  Still others are stay-at-home moms or are running at home businesses and consultancies already.  Nevertheless, many of us need additional income centers. 
Ask yourselves this:  What do I already do or enjoy doing as a hobby or at-home fun activity?  Write that down.  Can any of those things earn money or be sold as a service or commodity?  Write that down.  Compare the lists and choose one of the things common to both lists and start production, advertising and sales.
Do your homework about your idea and conservatively look at the time and monetary outlay that is required – be real with yourself about your available time, sincere interest and upfront capital outlay.
Let’s say you love braiding and are expert.  Ok…why not make a private space in your house with a nice comfy chair, access to a TV or radio or magazines for the clients and then bring customers?  Charge a minimal amount at first based on the time it takes for the braids requested, start with friends of friends and relatives as clients, deliver top notch service and build your reputation in the community.  Then, advertise at church or sporting events and make cards and fliers.  Give them to your friends and clients and get something on Facebook about your service.
Let’s say you love baking and can make super-great cakes.  Ok…buy everything you need to bake one basic cake.  Record that cost (don’t forget to add in cost of the water and electricity!), add on a small profit margin and then announce what you charge to supply a tasty, hygienically baked, cake.  Maybe you can sell slices of cake at events or from your home  to let people taste what you can do. 
Let’s say you love numbers and are excellent in math.  OK…start tutoring in math and charging by the hour for the service.
Like Sharronda and her blog, provide what you like to do in a way that you like to do it and develop your own home gig.  Whatever you provide must spark joy inside of you or it won’t work.  You will not make hundreds of thousands, but with care, diligence and a steady client base,  you can bring in enough for a small savings account (for future investments) or to buy those little necessary things.