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Couch Cat – Rest your hair

31 May 2019
Author   Jackie Asheeke
My hair has become damaged after nearly 35 years of tight braids and extensions.   The hair loss around my crown is significant and obvious.  To deal with my problem, I am learning a lot of hair care secrets from the internet, Pinterest and my daughter Martha about natural hair care; that is helping. I wish I knew 10 or 20 years ago what I know now. 
I have that really down home hair texture that requires a whip and a chair to get into shape.  Braiding works for me with my busy lifestyle as doing my hair every single morning is a burden. 
As a skilled braider, I have the advantage of putting in extensions as I wish and choosing different lengths and styles.  Thankfully, my hair is normal (neither dry nor oily) and it is thick, even though at middle age, it is way shorter than it has ever been and much more greyer! 
I am sure many of my readers have similar over-worked hair issues.  Some of you have been perming your hair (or your kids’) for years, others have been using weaves forever and still others are like me who have used extensions for a lifetime.  So, you know what I mean about the damage done to natural hair due to constant ‘beautifying’.
Now that I know better, I keep my braids in for no longer than four weeks and then leave my hair with no braids for a couple of weeks at least.  
With my braids out, I loosely cornrow or twist my natural hair (no extensions) so that I do not have to damage it with combing every single day and then I treat it with tender loving care, massaging my scalp with oils every night.
Now that wrapped hair is so en vogue, keeping my hair out longer works with my professional office look as well.   I have wraps that match my wardrobe and I buy new fabrics every time there is a sale. 
I learned how to do many twists, buns, wraps and other fancy decorative head wrap styles with textiles.  Again, my daughter, Pinterest and various teaching websites on YouTube showed me how to do various ties. 
Ladies with natural black hair, listen up!  At night, wrap your hair in silk or use a silk pillow case or silk pillow.  Silk doesn’t break-off dry, bristly hair at night.  Keeping it braided at night means less tangles and pulling/combing in the morning (wrap your daughter’s hair too.)
If you are with your man at night, can tie a nice sexy head wrap (pick one that matches your negligee) or use silk pillow cases and he can run his fingers through your hair while he makes love to you and you can still fall asleep by his side and not have your hair break off at night.
I use silk wraps on my hair every single night.  Ladies, it works!  For a year, I have been wrapping my hair for sleep and my split ends are less and the hair on my comb is far, far less.  The breakage is way down.
I also fell in love with Jamaican black castor oil for my hair.  There are other products, but I use olive oil hair cream daily and then I use the black castor oil every other day (it is very expensive).  I spray my hair with a light misting of water before I oil it each day this allows my hair to grow so soft and thick.
Note:  The rich nutrients in Jamaican black castor oil, such as vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, and omega-9 fatty acids, help moisturize hair and treat itchy scalp and dandruff. 
I wash and condition (I use Aunt Jackie’s Fix my hair brand) my hair every Saturday morning (even if I have braids in).  I use an olive oil based mild shampoo and leave in that particular conditioner (for about 30 minutes) that is a blend of oils and natural hair care herbs and creams (no chemicals!) That combination works for me. 
Give your hair a break – let it rest!  Get those extensions and weaves and braids out on a regular basis.  Let your hair see the sunlight and feel the natural breeze.  Take off your head wrap as soon as you get home. Use a brush more often than a comb and keep your hair moist!