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Couch Cat: Cancelling DSTV

17 May 2019
I cancelled my DSTV subscription.  There is nothing I get from that service that I cannot get, cheaper and specifically what I want, from other avenues. 
Plus, in these tough financial times, all expenses have to be weighed carefully. All must be examined to judge whether I am actually using the service in a way that matches the cost.  DSTV and nbc, take note.  You need to think outside of the box or lose ground as households face the same decision I just made.
Government, you need to regulate with the times.  There is a law that makes us pay an nbc license fee when we buy televisions; this must be reviewed.  My TV sets are now just monitors.  Why should I pay an nbc separate license?  I pay my taxes, so let nbc receive its budget via that avenue.
Given my work hours and limited fun schedule, I don’t watch much television anyway. 
My kids are grown and are in and out so much or with their friends, they don’t sit still to watch much television (they stream everything anyway), so they are not around to watch the cartoons or movie channels anymore. 
About four years ago, I stopped watching nbc or DSTV because I pay tiny monthly amounts for Netflix, Amazon Prime, (American football channel) and enjoy tons of old B&W movies, biographies and documentaries on YouTube for free. 
Moreover, I am into audiobooks from and listening to professionally read stories is far superior to watching the uninteresting and repetitive programming on DSTV or nbc. 
There is a new site called that gives me tons of interesting history, nature and informational shows.  I can use my account on any device, so I can watch at home or on my phone or tablet while in a hotel anywhere, waiting room or café.
I work at a newspaper and have access to stories from NAMPA and subscribe to multiple news links (like Al Jazeera, the Daily Maverick, Mail and Guardian and other press release agencies.  So, I keep up with local happenings.
Listening to the BBC and America’s National Public Radio online when I am driving or cooking is great and I will research a way to get audio and/or visuals of CNN international, Radio France, and Deutsche Welle. 
Adding up all that I watch and enjoy and comparing that to what the bouquet cost for DSTV, I chose to cancel and paying half the cost, to see what I want, when I want to see it.  This latter point is the most crucial aspect for me. 
Folks, if a middle-aged silver surfer like me can find viewing of her choice online easily and cheaply, then others can too.  Nbc and DSTV had better ‘up’ their games if they want to keep market share. 
To be fair, data is expensive (for now) in Namibia.  Still, I look at what I pay per month for my internet package and balance that cost with pleasure/desire and usage and I come out ahead.
I recall with laughter about 13 years ago when Telecom tried to invoke a totally unenforceable and ridiculous ‘ban’ on the use of Skype!  You cannot stop the ocean tide from coming in and you cannot completely stop the advance of technology with laws.  I call my family living around the world using WhatsApp or Messenger as even Skype is now passé.   In technology, if you snooze, you lose.
ICT companies, nbc, DSTV…Get your thinking caps on and find a way to serve the current users and keep those of us with other options for entertainment and news viewing, interested in what you are showing.  The tech ball is in your court, will you score?

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