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GoT: Burn baby burn!

17 May 2019
Author   Jackie Wilson Asheeke
As angry as I was about the choppy and disjointed Episode 4 last week, I am thrilled by Episode 5.  All is forgiven. 
Spoiler Alert!
It all starts off with Varys burgers.  The Lord Whisperer was busy sending ravens to everyone telling them about Aegon Targaryen and lauding him as the rightful King of Westros.  That is treason against the Dragon Queen and he knew it.  Varys took his grilling like a ‘man.’
Then comes Tyrion freeing the Kingslayer after he was captured en route to Cersei in Kings Landing.  They make a deal for Jamie to convince Cersei to escape to some island together.  What hooey.  Still, seeing the two brothers say good bye was touching indeed. 
I used to think that Tyrion was the most intelligent and insightful person in all of Westros.  Now, I am convinced that he is a deluded dreamer – I doubt his commitment to Daenerys.  First, he actually believed that Cersei would send troops to the North to fight the Night King.  That was insanely naïve.
Then, he didn’t face the reality that there was no way in hell Cersei would have acceded to Jamie’s request to surrender and leave with him.  UNLESS, there was total destruction backing that up.
What’s more, dear Tyrion didn’t know Daenerys enough to understand that with the killing of Rhaegal and the beheading of Missandei, there would be no way she would ever accept a surrender.  Revenge in this case was not served cold, but dragon fire hot.
Readers, I must say that even I did not realise the destructive power of only one highly motivated dragon.  Imagine that Rhaegal lived and participated in the destruction of Kings Landing.  In that case, Good Lord, there wouldn’t even be one single stone left of the place, all would be a pile of smoking ash with no survivors at all.
After firing up the Iron Fleet and sinking Euron’s flagship (what I suggested could have been done last week) the white haired queen attacked out of the sun, blocking the dragon harpooner’s ability to aim, attacked from the side and back and torched the ships. 
Then, she went above and behind the dragon harpoons on the walls of the city, drew their nervous fire that was off target and torched all dragon-slaying weapons first.  Then, she destroyed the walls of the city with dragon fire; along with all defenders of the walls.  Well done.
I loved the nervous looks of the vaunted Golden crew of mercenaries that sailed all the way across the oceans just for Drogon to kill them.  Enough Dothraki evidently survived the Night King in the North to storm through and kill all other mercenaries and soldiers standing.  Then, the Unsullied led by Aegon and the Onion Knight and a grieving and furious Grey Worm stormed into the breech.
Then there came the bells of the surrender of King’s Landing.  Surrender or not, Daenerys’ fury emerged.  I don’t accept that she is just ‘a crazy Targaryen’; I think she had every right to wage war in all its ugly ways with the weapons she had.
Yep.  I said it.  It was a good move to give her enemies the chance to surrender (even though all of us knew Cersei would not do this). Wall is all hell and cannot be ‘civilised’ and made ‘nice.’  King’s Landing HAD to be destroyed with all the collateral damage, to end Cersei.  And that is what happened.
The battle of the Clegane brothers was classic.  The Hound ended his undead brother the only way he could - a joint fall into dragon fire. 
With the Hound’s help, my girl Arya woke up from her revenge dream and focused solely on her survival.  The writers let her struggle to dodge death in the crumbling of Kings Landing and be the viewer’s perspective on the nightmare of Drogon war. 
The battle between Euron and Jamie was completely contrived and unnecessary.  Just at the moment Jamie is heading for the secret cove entrance to the palace sub basements, Euron somehow drags himself out of the water at exactly that time and at that point.  No…I don’t buy it.
Predictably, in a fight, Euron dies, but Jamie has received death wounds in the fight.  Then, the weirdness and illogic continues.  Jamie miraculously finds Cersei amidst the full-on chaos and attempts to lead her out of the crumbling palace.  They don’t make it and are squashed in rock falls that cover the subbasement as the Red Keep disintegrates.
Meanwhile, up above on the dangerous streets, Aegon was hopelessly trying to cease the unnecessary fighting and trying to reorganise his own troops to get out of the burning city.  He was horrified by Daenerys’ vengeful fury, which he should not have been surprised to see.  The tens of thousands (if not more) of dead non-combatants in Kings Landing with scores injured as predicted by Tyrion, materialized in all of its sadness.   But, their fate was Cersei’s fault in my view.
Let’s see how they wrap this thing up in the last episode next week.    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.