Gross Barmen still iconic

10 May 2019
I have taken it upon myself to travel more around the country, visit more places as and when I can, and this is my experience on my maiden trip after that decision and I will be sharing more of my stories.
It had been more than two years since I had been to Gross Barmen and I found myself needing to get away, so I decided to spend a weekend at the NWR resort.
I must say my drive to the resort was smooth and this was made possible because of a good road that leads to the resort, at one point I found myself wondering if I had passed the place, because there is no signage that informs you until you reach the exact turnoff to the resort.
Checking in was smooth and the lady manning the reservation desk was very helpful and welcoming, and kudos to her. At first glance the rooms are very beautiful and I like the apartment feel that they give, which gives one a home feel, and the small green garden which makes one feel more relaxed if one decides to relax on the patio.
Besides the bugs issue, which I feel is a result of the stagnant water source in front of the chalets, the rooms were dusty and one could tell they had not been attended to and prepared for a guest arrival. Having checked in a bit late, a shower becomes appropriate to prepare for dinner, but the excitement suddenly varnished when the shower started flooding, causing me to abruptly end what was meant to be one of the relaxing part of the arrival.
Having been provided with a rob on my previous visit, upon inquiry, I was advised they resort no longer provided them to guest, a decision which I think NWR might need to reverse.
Despite being assured that the resort had wifi, I have unable to connect throughout my stay and this was not an issue for me, because the trip was mainly for me to unwind, but for other guest, this might be frustrating.
When one arrives at the restaurant, you get the feeling this majestic resort is now a former imagine of itself despite the beautiful architecture in place, with a handful of guests having their meals and staff that seem not to attend to guest as they should.
Besides fighting for attention for one to be served, guest are forced to witness arguments between kitchen staff and waiters, a practice which should never be allowed in a resort of that stature. My meal for the night was pleasurable, although one gets the feeling the serving options are limited as guest only have two options being a salad or chips, but no rice and pap for the those with a huge appetite.
The Gross Barmen breakfast is to die for, as there is a wide array of options that one can have and the food tastes fresh. The only disappointment was the kitchen staff refusal to make an omelet, saying guest should stick to what’s put on the table.
The longer one stays, the food becomes boring as the menu is limited and applies for both dinner and lunch, I recommend that there be different menus for the two, with burgers introduced as an option for lunch.
I could not have visited the resort if I did not take a swim in the iconic Olympic size pool and in the indoor pool. Besides the swimming, there are limited activity options for one at the resort, if you do not visit the spar, with one guest having inquired if one could fish in the big pond.
As part of my excursion, I took time to visit the campsite, a facility also offered by the NWR resort and I was impressed with their facilities, with a pool even provided for campers.
Besides the mishaps which need some urgent attention, Gross Barmen is still a place I would still recommend to those looking to get away. I recommend if you plan to travel to NWR resorts, always be on the lookout for discounts offered to local and regional guests. For those working with a budget, camping is an option at the resort. Happy travels.



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