The dead are coming, the dead are coming!

26 April 2019
Author   Jackie Wilson Asheeke
Game of Thrones (GoT) slow episode two is in the bag.  With the exception of Arya having sex with Gendry, the highlights of the show were what was said, rather than what was done. 
The focus was on the interactions between characters, building up anticipation for the arrival of the dead on the morn. 
The episode starts with a ‘trial’ of sorts of Jamie Lannister, the hated “King Slayer” who killed Daenerys’ Mad King father way back when. Given that ‘LittleFinger’ who was the last person ‘tried’ before the leaders in the North, had his throat slit, Jamie was in a tight spot.
Daenerys wanted Jamie’s head on stick as did Sansa, at least at first.  But, Brienne’s intervention saved his life. 
The plan of battle with the dead is to kill the Night King ASAP.  Killing him will end all whom he raised and that means every one of the walking dead men, giants and most importantly, the undead Viserion. Luring the Night King to the old tree grove in Winterfell where Bran will sit as bait is the only way to have a slight chance at doing it.  If Bran (the 3-eyed-raven) goes, the world of light, goes. 
The sincere deepness of the relationship between the newly knighted Sir Brienne of Tarth and Jamie is still nicely on simmer.  Arguably the most physically ‘unsexy’ of all the leading women on GoT, Brienne has not one suitor but, in fact…TWO!  Good for her.
Always, I enjoy the season-to-season running gag of Tormund Giantsbane’s rough, loud and demonstrative pursuit of “the Big Woman”, i.e., Brienne.  He wants to ‘breed’ with her, to “have big f*ckin babies.”  It’s hilarious.
I loved ice Lady Sansa’s thawing in her warm greeting for the neutered Theon Greyjoy.  His return to the North and imminent death, even when he didn’t have to, endears Sansa to him. 
My jaw dropped as my girl, the assassin Arya Stark walked up to Gendry the weapons maker and basically chose him to have sex with her.  She felt that since they were going to die the next day and she was still a virgin, she wanted to feel what ‘it’ would be like.  Now, that is girl power!
I love the sassy and powerful young Lady Lyanna Mormont.  This 12 year-old diminutive duchess, takes no crap, tells it like it ‘tis, and leads grown men from the front.  Homegirl is da’ bomb! 
The iron-teen Lady interacts with her cousin Jora Mormont who now wields the rare Valerian steel blade of House Tarly given to him by Sam.  She makes it clear that even if Jora wanted to leave his key role with Daenerys (he doesn’t) and try to claim leadership of her house that would be a non-starter.
The key interaction of the episode was King Aegon VI (formerly Jon Snow) revealing the truth of his lineage and birth to ‘queen’ Daenerys.  It is Daenerys who points out that he is the last living Targaryen male and has a claim on the Iron Throne.  Aegon gets ready to tell his lover that kingship is not his goal, but the alarm horns sound to tell all that the dead have arrived at Winterfell.
Thanks for the texts and comments about GoT!  Stay tuned and check out my review next week!
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