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Aegon Targaryen, 6th of his name….

18 April 2019
Author   Jackie Wilson Asheeke
The final Season 8 of Game of Thrones (GoT) is here.  The producers definitely started the season off quickly and covered much ground. 
Spoiler Alert!
You’ll recall our March 29th edition of the Windhoek Observer were I predicted that Jon Snow (or I should say, the former bastard) would fly on the back of the great black dragon, Drogon.  Hats off for me!  It happened, indeed ‘Queen’ Daenerys mounted Rhaegal and ‘Jon’ mounted Drogon, as is his birth right.
In one of the opening scenes, Sansa dispatches boy-Lord of House Umber back to his hold to rally his family and troops. By the end of the episode, a scouting troop links up with refugee Black Watch soldiers at what is left of a burned out House Umber and the boy Lord is nailed to the wall in the center of a cyclone design of amputated limbs.  You guessed it, the ‘dead’ young boy is not and he has to be incinerated kicking and screaming by the flaming sword of Lord Beric Dondarrion who is leading the group.  Yikes!
I loved seeing the reunion of the remaining Stark kids.  Finally John sees Bran and my main girl, Arya. But the latter is now Mr 3-eyed raven, weirdo-in-residence and reveals that Viserion has been resurrected and is undead in the service of the Night Lord. 
Gendry, bastard of dead King Robert Baretheon and all-around blacksmith guru and old BFF or Arya is back in the fold, running the forge and making the precious Dragon stone or obsidian weapons with limited supplies.  They need this weapon to kill the blue-eyed undead.  Has anyone thought about getting the dragons to MAKE more obsidian by using their hot dragon fire?  Duh.
The hardened and cold (Cersei-style) Lady Sansa of Winterfell does not like Daenerys, is abrupt with Tyrion, and basically, is something to be reckoned with. Sansa is ready to kick ass and take names.  She poses a rather good question to Tyrion about his rash belief that Cersei will send armies to the North just because that is what the devious, back-stabbing, Lannister Ice Queen said she would do. 
Sam told King Aegon who he actually is.  I was at the end of my seat as he laid it on the line and asked the crucial question that since Aegon (or Jon) was able to lay down his ‘crown’ as King of the North, will Daenerys do the same? 
I think she will; they will have to marry (as Targaryens inter-marry anyway) right away…before the Night King arrives and she will be his ‘Queen’ in that respect and he will be her King especially because Jon actually has no recognized title right now. 
The marriage solution is being set up with the obvious love between the two and with a conversation between Lord Varys, Lord Tyrion and the Onion Knight who were observing the Fire/Ice + Fire ‘couple’.
Queen Yara Greyjoy is saved by Theon and that was nice.  The neutered former Stark ward is en route back to the North while Yara goes to prepare an escape haven for Daenerys on the island at the GreyJoy’s rock island home where the ‘dead’ cannot reach.
Cersei actually had yucky sex with that arrogant, obnoxious, dirty, lying, murderous, Euron Greyjoy as a reward for him supposedly bringing the Iron Fleet for her use.  The mercenaries from across the ocean have arrived and the stage is set for what?  Cersei cheers the fact that the Wall has fallen and the army of the dead is on the march.  She stupidly thinks that the dead army and Daenery’s army will kill off each other.  She doesn’t get what ‘army of the dead’ means.  Another duh-uh for Cersei.
The episode ends with the ignoble arrival of the King Slayer back at Winterfell all those years after his attempt to kill Bran.   Earlier in the story, when asked why he is sitting outside in his wheelchair in the cold, Bran says he is waiting for an ‘old friend.’  That person is Jamie Lannister.  One wonders what words he will share with Jamie to tear the King Slayer’s soul to shreds. 
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