Couch Cat: Exciting April! - GoT and Endgame

29 March 2019
For the masses of folks out there drooling at the mouth for Game of Thrones (GoT) to restart and Avengers: Endgame to hit the theatre this April, I want you to know, I am one of you. 
GoT is set to restart on April 14th and Endgame hits theatres on April 24th. 
Over the past few years, this newspaper has done a GoT summary every week, we will continue this tradition.  Some of you have joined our dialogue with your ideas, criticisms and comments.  Keep it coming! 
I have started to binge watch GoT Seasons 1-7 to get myself in the ‘mood’ for the final Season 8.  I am in Westros Heaven.  I live subliminally through Arya Stark – that’s my girl!
I can’t wait until John and Daenerys find out that they are nephew and aunt. What a shock that will be.  But in that mythical world, Targaryens married their siblings to keep the dragon blood pure.   John will finally know who he is; but Daenerys won’t like it – her claim to the iron throne is in checkmate.  I think they will have a child, even though Daenerys is supposedly ‘unable’ as per the curse of the witch woman that resurrected Aquaman…oops, I mean Khal Drogo.
I also can’t wait until I see John flying a dragon…he will fly the mighty Drogon! Yep, I said it.  Daenerys will fly Rhaegal.   Either way, it will take both of them to destroy ice Viserion.  John will do battle one-on-one with the Ice King with Bran Stark (i.e., the three-eyed crow) giving him mystical help.  John is FIRE and ICE, which is prophesized as the only thing that can put things back in balance.
I think the King Slayer will pledge his love to Brienne of Tarth, but die in the ice wars to come (perhaps defending Cersei?) Perhaps Sansa and Tyrion will ‘remain’ married and become a real couple?
The Hound will die defending Sansa at Winterfell.  The remaining Stark dire wolves, Nymeria and Ghost, will have a mystical role in the final fight against the armies of frozen undead. 
I’ll dance a jig when the white walkers make it to Kings’ Landing and corner “Queen” Cersei.  I’d love to see her blue-eyed, crusty and married to the Night King!
These are my guesses; check out the various trailers on YouTube.
On to the Endgame!
Half of all life in the galaxy is gone, bummer.  The issue with these superhero stories is not so much whether evil will be vanquished, but how will it be done and in what condition the heroes will emerge.
Mark my words, Captain Marvel will save Tony Stark from his icy would-be grave trapped in a space ship.  I saw a clip of him taping his ‘final’ message to Pepper Potts. 
I think that the green infinity stone that affects time (which actually belongs in the hands of Dr Strange) will solve the problem of so many stars turning to ash in the last Avengers movie. 
On an emotional side, Loki cannot possibly be dead.  I won’t believe it.  However, Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan, the erstwhile ‘beloved child’ of Thanos (the über-powerful Marvel Universe bad guy) is toast for certain – can time really roll back enough to stop her from being tossed over that mountain?
And I don’t think that Thanos will die in the end.  He will be marooned on some planet all alone since he hates over-population.
I am also binge watching Marvel movies. 
Those who have no idea about what I am referring to in this article, you are behind the times.  Get with the program! 
Marvel and GoT addicts, prepare to get your fix in April!


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