Couch Cat: Stop being boring

25 March 2019
Author   Jackie Wilson Asheeke
I realized that I am going from work to home and back again every day and that’s all.  I am becoming boring.
I excuse my fall into monotony by saying I am ‘tired’ after working a long day.  My pattern is set -  I go home, fix dinner, crochet, stream shows on Netflix or Amazon Prime, do cookie company admin (, listen to an audiobook, WhatsApp my family in the US, deal with pet care, then I go to bed happy. 
I looked at my life and realized that each day, I am content to do the same thing.  I have a ‘routine’.  I am so predictable that my daughter and niece finish my sentences because I say the same thing every time.
This has to stop! 
To become less boring, I joined a bridge club and play this wonderfully challenging card game once a week.  I used to play bridge tournaments in Addis Ababa and Berlin back when I played bridge three times per week over several years.  Now, all that verve is gone; I’ve got cobwebs on my brain and I am trying to revive that part of me.
Recently, my daughter took pity on me and forced me into a store and insisted that I buy sneakers.  So, I now wear cool sneakers from time to time. 
Last Saturday night, I went out with my daughter to a new club, Kalahari Café (located in the former spot in the CBD of Uncle Charlie’s second hand furniture store).  There were live musicians playing and poets doing their thing.
To my surprise, I stayed for three hours!  I really enjoyed it.  I will check out that café again after they tackle some logistical challenges (it was frightfully hot and the sound upstairs where I was sitting wasn’t good.)
I’ve made up my mind to go out every other Saturday night just for a few hours.  I must add some spice to my life.
A friend of mine always tells me about musical shows, theatre plays, art exhibits, etc… and I rarely join her.  I think I will now join her at least once per month. 
Boring people out there – follow my lead!  Get wild; push the boundaries of your comfort zone. 
Wear a cat ear head band on your head.  Wear different earrings in each lobe.  Take some kids in your family to a cartoon movie once a month.  Make a new playlist with completely different music (if you like jazz, try rap – if you like country, try soul), learn the words and sing along in the shower or in your car.   If blue or black is your favourite clothing colour, wear something green or orange, just once. 
Ladies, buy yourself some sexy underwear with lace.  Get rid of the plain bra and classical tummy support briefs, not forever; just once a week wear your sexy undies. 
Shelve the mom-jeans (temporarily) and buy some tight black leather pants.  Sport those to work just for the fun of it.
If you drink gin-and-tonic only (like me), try a straight shot of single malt whiskey or get wild with a pretty looking drink like an Absolut Blueberry Fizz. 
If you are in that work-home-work cycle – don’t let it trash your sense of adventure.  Get off the gerbil wheel and break the routine.  
I am going for a manicure this weekend, just because it is something I never do.  I think I will paint only one fingernail bright purple with sparkles and appliqués. 
Seize the day! 


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