Captain Marvel is not marvellous

15 March 2019
Author   Jackie Wilson Asheeke
Allow me to clearly state for the record that I am a super hero, comic book fan from way back.  I am down with flying people, infinity stones, sexy Thor, super sexy Aquaman, super villains, monsters that talk, cats that have squid legs coming from their mouths, kryptonite,  mutants and all that jazz.
That said, I enjoyed Brie Larson in the title movie role of Captain Marvel.  While I believe that Samuel L Jackson is over-exposed (he is in too many movies), the brother does a good job as Capt. Marvel’s partner/friend, Nick Fury (though most brothas’ would not be so calm if a cat scratched their eye out). I enjoyed learning the little things in the back story about the various characters.
I must admit that I was expecting much more from the movie.  The high excitement level of previous superhero movies with whizzes, splashes of white light, explosions, time and space travel, proton rays coming from people’s hands, and super strength have left me expecting a lot out of these movies.  I want to be visually transported into my old comic books.
Captain Marvel, directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, didn’t take me to the comic book promised land.  Marvel wasn’t marvellous, but still, it is a fun flick.  There was a part when the ‘cat’ showed that it was ‘not a cat’ (sorry for this spoiler) and I burst out laughing.  That scene was quite a surprise.
There seems to be some controversy about this first female lead Marvel superhero movie.  Many are saying that Wonder Woman from the DC superhero rival franchise was done better.  I agree, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Captain Marvel is just the Hors d'oeuvres before the highly-anticipated Avengers: Endgame movie releasing April 26th worldwide. 
We needed to know the backstory on Captain Marvel because she will play a serious role in the next Avenger’s instalment.
Some negative comments say that there was too much ‘story’ and not enough ‘action’ in the movie.  Others say Larson’s portrayal of the glowing eyed Captain Marvel was too robotic and the plot lacked focus.  These comments have legs, but, I didn’t mind.  I wanted to know about her and this movie filled me in. 
I like the plot twist that the ‘normal looking’ Kree are actually the bad guys and the ‘monster-looking’ Skrull are good guys.  The message about not judging people only because of where they are from is poignant.  We all must question any authority that teaches its children, its soldiers and its people to hate an entire race of other people. 
Go see this movie.  Captain Marvel earned almost USD$450 million in its opening weekend (it started on March 8th)!  Disney owns Marvel and they are raking in the bucks!  Enjoy!


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