A sure shot love yourself routine!

15 February 2019
There are many benefits that will impact not only your physical, but your mental health as well. Creating an evening self-care routine that allows you to decompress your day, plan ahead, relax and rejuvenate before going to bed — is a great way to show love to yourself and heal your soul.
Take an “I love me” bath
Bubbles, salts, beads, and oils — treat yourself to the works.  Spend what you can afford and get the best bath ‘stuff’ you can.  Your bath is your opportunity to pamper yourself, wash and condition your hair, do your nails, do all the luxurious things you don’t normally have time for. Listen to some soothing music light a scented candle and pretend you are in a spa.   Do whatever it takes to cleanse your body, soak your heart in warm water and revive your spirit.  
Read for pleasure
Whether it’s a trashy novel, fantasy story about fairies and orcs or re-reading deeper food-for-the-soul books like anything from Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou and Alice Walker, this is your time.  No work reading materials or newsy stuff allowed!

et over to the hobby shop
Re-discover hobbies.  We all used to crochet, knit or embroider when we were young.  Our Nana, Ma, auntie, or older sister, taught us. Buy the paint-by-numbers or adult colouring books, get your favourite colours and get busy!  Jump back into cornrowing and braiding and create a dramatic hair style!  Break out the massive puzzles, try a 3,000 piece rendition of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for starters.  Believe it or not, it can be fun!
A quick 30-minute workout is a great stress reliever.  The best part about it, you don’t even have to leave your house. With apps such as Gixo, and TB12, you can do the workout in the comfort of your home.  Get the leash out and run (or fast walk!) with your dog.  Make sure you work up a sweat as you make your body MOVE!
Listen to music
Get a good playlist together, fire up your sound system and rock the house with your dancing and singing.  Don’t give a damn who might hear or see you.  Let loose and shake your caboose!
Have a drink
In moderation, imbibe a drink of your choice, is OK. (Mind your medication limits or skip this if you are pregnant or nursing!)   If you like, stick your head out of the window (or sit on your back stoop or balcony) and stare up at the stars, watch the sun go down, look at the lights of the city or your comforting garden or give your cat an ear scratch while sipping your favourite cocktail.  Whether you enjoy an ice cold Tafel Lager (a real one), a glass of red, white or rosé wine,  a Tanqueray gin and tonic with extra ice and extra lemon/lime,  a sip of Macallan Cask Strength, Havana Club Selection de Maestro with a dash of coke, or Marula Cream on the rocks, take a deep swallow and enjoy.

Clean up stuff
For some, cleaning can be therapeutic.  Go after that junk drawer, dusty store room, attic full of forgotten old clothes, dispose of the toys/school books from your adult kids, throw out the old magazines and newspapers, or bust the dust hiding under everything. Polish the wood, shine the silver, clean your jewellery, vacuum the furniture, clean the curtains, wipe the grease off the spice bottles in the kitchen rack, and whatever else comes to mind.  Your external house is often times a reflection of your internal house, so once you’re able to get this in order, it can do wonders for your soul.
Meditate and pray
Clear your mind, shut out the mental and physical noise, open yourself to God, the universe, your ancestors or whatever works.  Then forget everything for as long as it takes for your heart rate to slow down and the tears to stop flowing.
Based on www.essence.com/lifestyle/health-wellness

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