What’s hot and what’s not?

16 November 2018
Each week, the Windhoek Observer’s entertainment crew takes an insightful, yet amusing look at the performance and arts industry, lifestyle and fashion happenings in Windhoek and across the world, and judges whether they are hot or not.
This week, we look at some of the outfits worn to Namibia’s premiere fashion event, the Windhoek Fashion Week (WFW), held last week.
We are crying and laughing at the same time
The words:  HOT MESS or TRAIN WRECK come to mind when we looked at the two of you.  We love edgy, but then there are clown costumes; you two qualify for the latter.  Before wearing your fashion experiments, please try to speak to designers, stylists or read more about the trends.  The battle of textures, fabrics, cuts, and style that the both of you wore are too horrific to break down.  We are crying in shame at how you embarrassed yourselves coming in public looking like that and we are laughing at how silly you actually look.  Still, we give you a big bravo for being daring – if you decide to jump off a fashion cliff, you may as well do so with a smile on your faces.     
SOS! 911! Au Secours! Help!
Someone please, call the ambulance….this sista’ needs help in a hurry.  It is a complete fashion emergency!  See-through dresses are trendy at this moment, but what you have on did not work out.  It is clear that your personal 6th sense of what looks good, needs immediate surgery.  It seems that you lacked the courage to wear a see-through dress with something sexy underneath and you just threw it on over a white shirt and jeans (with awkward rolled up cuffs!), put on some random shoes and stepped out.  As positive as we try to be, this outfit is on life support.  Why not try the same black see-through overdress worn on top of a low-cut, cleavage-showing, blinged-out black tube top and fitted black leather, low slung capri length slacks with badass spike-heeled pumps?  If you want your look to say:  “hot”, then go all the way or forget the whole idea.
Who let the court jester out?
So you decided to wear two-coloured pants also with two different coloured and designed shoes and god-only-knows-what kind of shirt?  You look like a court jester in a medieval castle.  You only need to wear a cap with a bell on it and dance a jig.  Please don’t ever do this again. This is not a fashion statement, it is a fashion disaster!  To be the center of attention with risky fashion experiments is one thing, to be the butt of a joke is quite another.  If you were playing a role in a play about a ‘Court Fool’ you could fit right in, but at WFW, you made us shudder.   You decided to wear too many statements at the same time and this never works.  Pick something to be THE centre of your fashion look and build on that; never overwhelm it. 


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